Chocolate /in English/

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I Was Once A very Average Girl

Nothing About Me was Exceptional

I had good grades, But I Was not the Best Of The Class

I Was Not Ugly, But I Was not pretty either

I was Used To being ignored, And Actually Like The feeling That I Could blend In

I was Not bullied. I was not the Most Popular Girl In School Either.

I didn't like to Attract Attention, So Being Almost Invisible, Was quite alright

I Have Fond memories of Hugh School, Even Better Ones of College.

My First job Was Fine, And I Even Go accepted In A Masters Program In Europe.

So when Did My Life Turned So Wrong?

Was it when I realized That I Was All Alone In A Foreign Country?

Was it The Fact That I Knew next To nothing About cooking, cleaning?

Or, Was It Because I Felt Weak, Having huge back aches That limited my Actions.

Back At Home, the feeling of Depression Hasn't Left.

I still feel Alone, Misunderstood, And a total Failure.

I can't control My Own Body. I can't hide the Pain It Causes Me.

I see Myself As Just Another Useless Parasite.

I've Committed To Be In Better Shape, hoping That my body Would Benefit.

I Have Lost Weight, I Even Resemble A human Being Again.

I'm Proud, At Least there Is Something I can Be Proud About.

Little Victories Are Important Too.

But Then, Today I wake up and All I've Being Thinking About Is about My frenemy

The most Dangerous of nemesis Is Also My Person Obsession

And So, I am tempted And Ask Myself: A Small Piece Won't Hurt, Right?

Just A Bit Of Chocolate Would Be Enough To Give Me Some energy Back

I Don't Want Want To be A Skinny zombie, I Don't want to Be A Tortured fatty Either

Things Aren't always Easy To Explain

Is Vanity A factor In My Decision? Sure, But It's Not The only One.

My Goal is Not To be A skinny Top Model, I Was Want To Be Healthy.

A Healthy weight Helps because The Body Suffers less.

But How Strict is Too Strict?

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