~ Chapter 1 - Edited

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I had decided to become a biology teacher, and had done my four year course back in England, thought I didn't start teaching until I was twenty four and Jayden was just over a year.

As I wait for my class to come in I begin to get nervousness about teaching at a new school, Jayden’s School had gone back a month ago, but as this wasn't a primary school or high school they had decided to come back later.

The 'dad' topic had not come up again, which I was thankful for. All I needed was Jayden to start thinking his dad was going to come and find him, the guy was to cowardly to even say goodbye to me, or leave some king of way to get in touch with him.

What I would have given to have Jays dad there for his birth, to hold my hand when I pushed, to tell me that everything would be alright as they rushed me into surgery when they couldn't get him out, to cut the cord of his baby boy, to cry with me as I saw how perfect he was for the first time, then cry again when I realised he looked exactly like his daddy, to care.

Well, I suppose one good thing is that my baby will be with me forever, and that is a gift that I will always cherish. I guess Oliver did do something right after all.

After twenty minutes of waiting, then panicking, then waiting again the students begin to flood in.

One by one they fill the rows until every seat is full, dread fills each and every eye as they wait for my lecture to begin.

"Welcome class! Now I was going to give an hour’s lecture on the rules in my classroom" I tell them, and multiple groans and sighs fill the room. "However, I couldn't be bothered, and by the looks of it nether can you. So why don't we play a game, you can ask me any question and I will answer as truthfully if the question is appropriate" I tell them, and clap my hands once, waiting for the first question.

"How old are you?" One girl asks me.

"Twenty eight" I tell her, watching as smirks make their way onto a few young boys faces.

"Are you married?" Another asks.

"No, I’m not" I reply.

"Will you be teaching us for the rest of the year" a boy asks me, leaning back on his chair with his hands behind his head.

"I hope to be staying for a while, I've moved around a lot and I'd like to finally settle in one place" I tell him.

As I look around, many of the students are chatting away, or on their phones. I place my right thumb and index finger into my mouth then whistle sharply, making every student look up.

"Since I have answered your questions, I am going to give you the rest of this lesson to start on your projects, which we will have as an on-going homework for the year, as I am being nice you are all getting a two month head start over the other class as I will be putting you into groups and giving you the assignment today, you don't have to start now but it would be wise to." I announce, and begin making my way around the room grouping the students and handing each group a pamphlet that guides them through the project.

For the rest of the hour they all have their heads down, working hard on their projects.

"For those of you who think you may want to contact me at any point if you don't understand my email address and phone number are on the board, and I am trusting you not to do anything stupid with this" I warn them, watching as most of them take out their phones and begin to copy down my details from the board.

"Well, that is all for today, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow" I tell the class, and they begin to frantically throw their stuff into their bags and charge like elephants towards the exit, I swear the room even moved.

Once every one has gone I gather up my paper work that I finished earlier an place it in a draw, locking it away until its needed tomorrow.

I run to my car and throw my handbag into the back seat. I check the mirrors quickly before I go to press the peddle, I check the right side mirror again, I could have sworn I just saw a ghost from the past, but as I look again there is nothing but a sea of students.

Shaking my head I make my way towards Jay’s school, as I had known, Jay made plenty of friends real quick. I know for a fact that he would be a heart breaker when he was older, he already has the girls all over him and he's only six. I just hope I can keep him from doing what his father did to me to another girl.

I put on a fake smile as I make my way to the school gates past the other parents, waiting for my little boy to come out. Jayden is my little angle, he's so bright and fun loving, he never complains, even as a baby he rarely cried, he's always seen the goodness in everything. Sometimes I blame myself for him growing up to fast. I can't help but to think his unsettled childhood has affected him in some way.

"Mum! Mum can Keegan come over" both boys come over to me, begging me with their eyes.

"Well if Keegan's parents say that it's ok then sure, of course he is welcome to come over" I tell my baby boy, ruffling his brown hair affectionately as he hugs me thankfully.

"Actually my uncle picked me up today, but he said that I could, he left but he wrote you a note" Keegan informs me passing me the elegantly written note.

"Well, I suppose that's fine then, we need to stop at the store on the way home so you can pick what you want for dinner boys" I tell them, watching as their lies turn to full blown grins, 'if you behave I might even buy you some sweets" I continue.

The boys chatter on about nothing the whole way to the store, mainly trying to decide what they want for dinner. Since Jay was never one to really talk so much, it has come as a shock to me that he is being so talkative.

After several failed attempts I finally manage to get the boys attention. "Sweeties, if you want to have time to play at home we have to go shopping now!" I tell them, getting out of the car to unbuckle them. As soon as they had been released they were running strait for the entrance.

"Boys!" I call after them with no response. Oh well, that's what I get for bringing boys out with me.

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