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12 years later.

Oliver's POV

I walk into the house after a long day at work; soon Jay will be joining me in running the company as he is currently in his first year of business studies at university and the top of his class.

Laughter fills the house and I make my way through to the family room to see my whole family gathered and all playing just dance 4 on the Wii.

Jayden sits on the sofa, watching intently with new-born Caleb in his arms. Caleb is only five weeks old along with his twin Cody, who is in my wife's arms.

Maria smiles over at me lovingly, standing up and coming over to me, kissing my lips lovingly.

"That is discussing!" eleven year old Samuel announces.

"Definitely" his twin Harry echo's.

Jayden had been ecstatic when the boys were born, and he has always been very protective of all his siblings, especially eight year old Mandy and six year old Rachel, the only girls of the bunch.

Jayden however has a particularly strong bond with two year old George, who is sitting quietly next to Jayden as he sucks on his thumb contently as he watches Mandy and Harry dance against each other.

"Hey dad!" Jayden calls out, standing carefully and walking over to greet me, he gives me a quick hug then passes Caleb to me.

I smile at him then cuddle Caleb close to my chest, every time one of my children is born my heart becomes bigger. Though I missed six years of Jayden's life we are still just as close as I am with all my other children.

"How was your day, son?" I ask, lowering myself to sit down next to him on the sofa.

"Good, we have to do a ten page report on a business and how it works, what it sells, employees positions and its globalisation, but it will be easy with your help to get it done" he tells me.

"Well, I'm having a homework session with the others until tea time, but I can help you after that." I tell him.

Marie and I had always valued family over everything, so we made sure that we were close with all the children and they had close relationships with each other.

But in the end it was Jayden who held us all together, the glue to our family.

So, as I sit and reminisce about the past a new generation is beginning to shape theirs, and I couldn't be happier.

Marie sits beside me and I wrap an arm around her lovingly.

"We did good" she says, looking up into my eyes.

"We did good" I confirm, kissing the top of her head before glancing over our family, our young and happy family.

"I love you Marie" I tell her, feeling the emotions I felt eighteen years ago run through me.

"I love you too" She replies, and then we meet our lips once again.

And we lived our lives like that for the rest of our lives, happy and surrounded by our family.

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