First Show of the Tour (Part II)

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I'm just sitting on a chair talking to Clay as we go through the last additions to the choreography, John Dory cuts him off as he tells Clay to practice more of his silly moves. I feel bad, Clay has always wanted to be taken more serious, he loves organization, business, management and books, he even asked me to join his sad book club. John Dory continues to yell at Spruce to keep up with exercises, I know he enjoys being fit but all he wants is to find his true love, despite the elusive Heartthrob behavior, all he wants is to settle down, all he wants is a family of his own. My eyes wonder to the curtain as Baby Branch is nervously looking out to the crowd as they chant 'Brozone'.

It's his first performance and understandably, he's nervous. Floyd and I look at each other, we nod and go towards the little troll.

Hey Branch, you doing alright honey?

He shakes his head as he says in his tiny voice,

I feel like I'm gonna barf, pass out, poop and pee my pants all at the same time.

We both laugh at his response and Floyd talks to him calmly, as I try and calm down JD, his freak out makes his brothers more nervous. I remember when my mum telling me about John Dory's great idea for all his brothers and him to be in a boy band, back then, all he wanted was to have fun with his brothers. Now he's so hung up on being perfect, he's sucked out all the fun of being in the band.

Their manager comes in go give them a count down, I take out the glasses I made for Bitty B from my pocket. My family's name may be tied to dancing but my talent is fashion, Bitty B takes the glasses and smiles when he puts them on. I feel so happy as he jumps up and down, thanks to Floyd, all his nerves are gone.


I stay back stage as I watch my boyfriend and his brothers perform, Floyd's line comes up and I see a trio of trolls faint as he sings. My heart swoons as I know that I'm the only troll for him, I'm watching closely all of the brothers as they sing dance. Then, it's time, the perfect family harmony, Clay and I spent months planning out the harmony lines, the choreography to go along with it. It was all perfectly planned, JD was confident that it didn't need rehearsal and prioritized another matters.

JD gets too excited by all the glowy beams and strays away from the plan, all this causes doubt in the rest of the band. It all goes hay wire from there, the harmony was off and the balance of the brothers was terrifying me. Next thing you know, one of them slips and they all fall, my boyfriend gets caught on a vine swinging around Spruce gets caught then Clay and then JD.

There's a thick silence in the crowd, just as JD stays positive, they fall to the ground. They hurriedly exit the stage, all of the brothers mad at one another yet they don't let it out until they get back to their Grandma's hut.

I stay outside the hut, it's a family matter after all. Floyd asked me to stay outside aswell, he said he might need me after the fight. All I hear is yelling, screaming and arguing back and forth. Next thing you know, I see Clay and Spruce walk out of the hut, they tell me that the band's breaking up. A pang is felt in my heart, some of my best friends, the people I considered my brothers, are breaking up their family band.

I peek into the hut and see Floyd talking to Branch, all I hear is that he's going to persue a solo career and that's all I need to know before the tears start falling. He's going to be gone for far longer than five months, he could be gone for years. What does this mean for our relationship?

As he leaves the hut, he notices my presence. His eyes soften, he knows that I heard the news. He's leaving, he's leaving and I can't go with him. As much as I would love to, I have my life in the troll tree to consider, my mum, my career and most importantly, Baby Branch. I can't imagine leaving it, I couldn't imagine leaving little Branch and the only place I've ever known as home. Floyd looks at me with hope, a glimmer of hope that i could maybe, just maybe, go with him. A hope that we could start a brand new life together. I shake my head as I continue to let the tears fall. I wasn't ready and it was killing me...

He embraces me as I cry, neither of us know when we would see each other again. I feel tears on the top of my hair, he's crying aswell. We both know that we have to go on our own journeys, but we still love each other so much. We knew we couldn't hold eachother back, but we didn't know how we could survive without one another. We had gotten so comfortable seeing each other regularly, it became a normality for us and now our destinies were taking us different directions and we both hated every thought of making the other one choose. We both knew, we had to let each other go.

After what felt like forever, we pull away, he takes a necklace with a heart locket, out of his pocket. He sniffles but says,

I was planning on giving this to you after the tour. It's a locket, it has the photo from our first date inside of it. So you can always have me close to your heart. I don't know how long i'll be gone, but I know that my heart will forever be yours, no one could ever replace you. I know it's the mutual and I know you can't come with me, love. I would never make you choose between me and your family. I love you, I promise when I come back, we'll get married.

My heart swoons at his promise, he puts the necklace around my neck. As soon as he's done, I hug him, we both don't know the future of our relationship, but all we know is that no matter how long, we are meant to be together at any age. He kisses me one last time, before he leaves with a heavy heart, he doesn't turn back because he knows, one look at me and he's never leaving. I know this decision hurts him more than it hurts me, but it's what has to be done...

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