Chapter 1: The Hunt.

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3rd POV: Spiderman walked through Avengers tower, going past various heroes and villains that had joined Iron Man's side and signed the superhero registration act. The spider ignored the various conversations that were taking place, the glances, and whispers about him and his decision in wearing the black suit instead of the Iron spider suit.

"Why waste time pretending to still be on their side, Parker?" Venom questioned in the spider's head. "We can just strike out on our own and find the one responsible." The symbiote added.

"Because if I stay on their side for a little while longer, I can use Stark's toys to get the information I need quicker." Spiderman mentally responded. "Plus, the server in the tower is one of the main information hubs that has Intel on the people that are being held prisoner for not signing the registration act and from cap's team." He explained.

As spidey was heading to the server room, he tensed as he felt a metallic hand on his shoulder and sharply turned his head to see the smiling face of Tony Stark in his Iron man armour. Peter, and by extension venom, had to mentally cringe as the strong smell of alcohol invaded their senses.

"Hey Peter, glad you could make it back to the tower. I hope nothing insane happened." The billionaire said, smiling as he drank his glass of wine in his hand.

"Glad to be back stark." Spiderman gritted out, his left hand twitching.

"So tell me, how's aunt May doing?" The Iron Avenger asked, either ignoring or not noticing Spiderman's sharp inhale. "Or MJ, for that matter, she's not having any issues, right?" He continued to ask.

At this point, Spiderman was so very tempted to just say to hell with it and fight Iron Man right there and then. Venom was tempted to feed and add fuel to the fire, as a way for Peter to just get the anger out of his system and to put stark in his place but remembered what Peter said about using stark's tech to his advantage to find the one responsible for the hospital explosion so he reluctantly held spiderman back from commiting a necessary violent act.

"Focus Parker, or else we'll never do what we came here to do." The symbiote warned. Spiderman heard Venom and, with great restraint, forced himself to calm down.

"They're fine. Both of them are just sleeping right now." Spiderman forced out before continuing. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere i need to be." Spidey said before moving away from the armoured avenger but was held back when the hand on his shoulder tightened, holding him in place.

"Come on, Pete, what's the rush?" Stark asked, pulling Spiderman into a side hug. "Relax, enjoy yourself, have a drink, mingle with our pals, we're celebrating another win against cap!" Iron man proclaimed loudly, getting some cheers and claps from the pro registration heroes and villains.

Spiderman, his anger almost reaching its boiling point, was about to grab iron man's arm and crush it, but he never got the chance as he was suddenly yanked away from the playboy by none other than Carol danvers A.K.A Ms marvel.

"What's going on here, boys?" The blonde asked, a smirk gracing her face, a beer bottle in hand. "Hope you aren't causing any troubles for my spider, Tony." Carol Danvers said, pulling the wallcrawler into a sidehug.

"What me?" Iron man asked, pointing at himself before letting out a snort. "Not in the slightest." He said before walking away. "Enjoy the drinks, you 2. Oh, and spidey, I forgive you for starting that little sucffle we had!" Iron man called out before being swallowed up by the crowd.

'Like I need your goddamn forgiveness.' Peter angrily thought, a growl escaping him, causing Ms marvel to side eye her fellow hero before dragging him to the bar where the 2 sat down.

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