Ch. 2 ~ Leave me alone

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Ayan's POV

Even in Suppalo I just couldn't get him out of my mind so I zoned out when Teacher Waree was calling me.

"Ayan! Ayan!! AYAN!!" I woke up just when Akk pinched my face who was sitting next to me.

Jerk, he himself was typing on his phone and I saw his lovely messages to his darling Chon.

"What is it, Teacher?" I asked without showing any interest in her subject and she examined me as she always did. For her bad luck, I knew everything from the school I transferred from so she stayed speechless.

"Are you okay? You seem more annoyed than usually." Akk asked but I frowned.

"None of your business, better pay attention to your boyfriend." He kicked my leg under the desk and I did the same. I can really not get along with him. I thought about flirting with him to shut his mouth but I'm not a relationship breaker. He'd fall for me for sure and that boy Chon would be devastated and I don't want to cause anyone what Suppalo caused to my uncle.

"I'm a prefect so I have to worry about my classmates."

"That's your problem. You care too much without anyone asking for it-." But then I realized... Alan didn't ask for my help either and I kept worrying about him... it's just one person... not whole school...

Akk stopped caring finally and better paid attention to his phone till Teacher Waree got him as well. I get him, he lived a boring life before and didn't have anything better to do than study and annoy others but now he found a person who he can annoy the whole time. I should thank Chon.

When I drove back to my flat several boring lessons later, I noticed... that jerk's car was back. I hurried to his door so I could know what's happening. If he's beating him, I won't wait anymore... but what I heard... moaning? Don't tell me... what the hell?! Doesn't he have someone else?! And why would Alan sleep with him with all those bruises?!

I had no right to do it but I opened his door by force and saw just Wen giving him a proper massage. Does he not see the bruise on his back?!

"I-I'm sorry... I thought I heard something else." I wanted to ran away but Wen came to me.

"What did you think was happening here?" He asked with an annoying smirk on his face.

"N-nothing... I misheard-." I wanted to get out but he grabbed my forearm.

"Tell me." Alan was already coming to us very slowly as his leg still hurt. This made my blood boil when I saw him in pain again.

"Oh, fine! I'll tell you what's on my mind then!"

"Ayan, don't-!" Wen turned to him.

"You know this pipsqueak?" I wanted Alan to tell him who I was. The man who helped him after he caused him so much pain but to my disappointment, Alan shook his head which was a no...

"I just know he's my neighbor... he lives in the opposite room..." I couldn't believe what I just heard...

"So neighbor, shouldn't neighbors mind their own business?" Still, I know my rights as a person living here.

"Oh, they can't when someone is making a lot of noise here and disturbs others. Honestly speaking, I thought you are fucking so I just wanted to tell you to keep the noise down! You don't even live here but have the nerves to disturb my studies!" I'm not afraid. Not of a guy who's not mature enough to just leave the person to whom he caused so much pain alone.

"You are too overconfident, don't you think?" He pushed me with his hand but for his bad luck, Akk taught me enough in our martial arts class. I caught his hand which was aiming at my face and made him think I'll break it which I would like to do.

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