Chapter Two

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I dress in a blue cardigan paired with black jeans. My black combat boots reach up to my knees, and I find it almost impossible to walk in them.

I'm prepped by Octavia, Flavius, and Venia quickly. After sitting through a painful waxing, along with thirty long minutes of my hair being put into an intricate braid, I'm finally ready to board the train.

"Katniss?" I hear come from the outside of my bedroom door as I stand in the mirror, barely able to recognize myself. "When will you be back?"

I turn around and see that it's Prim. "Two weeks." I whisper as I pull her into a hug. "I'll be back before you know it, Little duck." I say as I give her a kiss on the forehead.

I walk down the steps, holding Prims hand. I give it a small squeeze before stepping outside.

Camera crews are spread all throughout my front yard, along with Effie Trinket yelling at me, telling me to smile. My thoughts are drowned by the sound of screaming people. There are countless people from the capital, all waving and trying to get my autograph. I hear many questions about Peeta, like "what did you do on your honeymoon?" Or "when are you moving in together?" Although I must answer politely and smile, it aggravates me so much.

I meet Peeta at his house, and he comes out. I hug him tightly and kiss him on the lips. I'm not usually the person to kiss Peeta in public, but I have to do as much as I can to convince President Snow that Peeta and I are in love.

A few days ago, President Snow came to visit me. He told me that because of Peeta and I, there is rebellion in the districts. They don't believe our love story. District 8 is apparently trying to have another civil war. Obviously, to President Snow, this won't do.

I don't know how I feel about Peeta, the boy with the bread. He has saved my life multiple times, kept me sane, and helped me through my nightmares. I could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve him. Some nights, I feel a desperate need for him. I can barely ever sleep without the warm scent of him with me. Other days, it's as if we're strangers, barely speaking other than the times we are forced to act madly in love in public.

I clench his hand as we walk in silence, smiles plastered on both of our faces. He occasionally kisses me on the cheek or pretends to whisper something to me. I laugh at everything he says, attempting to make everything seem real.

"Hello, you two," Effie says when we reach the station. "I expect everything to go as planned and on schedule. We will arrive at district 11 in the morning and your first speech will be at 10:00 a.m. sharp."

I sigh hastily and board the train. The train is just as I remembered it. It's filled with expensive decorations and furniture. The kitchen is in the center. There are tables set up in a buffet type manor. I find my room and place my suitcase on the floor. It is a smaller room decorated with artworks. The walls are light brown and the bed's comforter is a dark red. It reminds me of my room at home.

I sit down on my bed, and lay back. Soon enough, Peeta is wandering in, apologizing for earlier. I always find him apologizing for stupid little thinks I do, like sighing or rolling my eyes.

"It's fine." I say in a hushed tone. "I'm just not in the best mood right now. Give me some time."


I embrace Cinna, my stylist in a hug as soon as I see him in the dining room. He's the only reason I'm not going crazy; him, and the alcohol I've found myself accustomed to. He understands my hatred towards the capital more than anyone else. I always tell him he keeps me sane. Of course, he laughs at the joke, but sometimes, I'm not joking at all. He is the only person I trust... Besides Peeta.

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