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sleepdeprivedwh0r3 update Ur book rn or Izzy will dox u 😛

[Total drama whores]


Eva: what

Geoff: Oh! That reminds me dudes! Party Tommorow at 8?

Heather: how tf does AAAAAAAA remind you of a party. Also I can go

Noah: hilarious

Noah: let me check my extremely busy schedule

Cody: I can go! See you tmr!

Noah: yep I can go

Eva: simp, also I can go BC I gotta look after Izzy


Alejandro:I'm going if mi amor is going <3

Heather: nvm

Gwen: me and court will be there! 💗

[Everyone says yeah]

Geoff: be here tomorrow at 8pm dudes!

[Gap<3//Noahh!! <3]

Gap<3: I need a ride

Noahh!!<3: ok sure be at mine at like 7:30

Gap<3: tyyyyyy :]]

Noahh!!<3: Ur cute

[Noah deleted a message faster than my dad left]

Gap<3: huh?

Noahh!!<3: nothing

Chapter shorter than Cody's pp but I'm writing the party one like rn so be patient (please don't bully me yk who you are😛)

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