01 - the fall

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⌒⊹˚୨୧ INTRODUCTION: 01 — the fall
WORDCOUNT: 3.1k words
CHAPTER SUMMARY: the fall happens and the plant turns red.

1k wordsCHAPTER SUMMARY: the fall happens and the plant turns red

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The Fall, 2446, 5:28 AM.


Those were the first words you heard as you awoke, "Breathe, Doctor," and breathe you did. Everything seemed so bright and noisy, you were far too disoriented and your body did not like the sudden movements you were forced to make.

Hands assisted your limbs and body as you were transferred into a gurney and wheeled to wherever it was you were being taken, the medbay you assumed. Everything felt heavy and it was like you were being suffocated.

"Breathe, Doctor, breathe, in and out," you heard the woman say.

But you couldn't, why was it so hard? It was like something was in your lungs or something, "Breathe, please try to breathe," you heard the woman speak again, you tried to tell her no but all you could do was shallowly suck in a breath.

Was there something in the air? You couldn't see the woman's face as clearly anymore, and everyone's voices became... clouded? Or it seemed as if they were extremely far away and in a different room.

Breathe, you reminded yourself, please breathe, and as if someone heard your prayers, your head was lifted and a venturi mask* was placed on you and you took a deep breath in and closed your eyes.


That was over eight months ago, once you were stable, a nurse had come and asked you the general questions; 'What's your name?' "(Name) (Last Name),", 'How old are you?' "27,", 'What ship are you on?' "SEEDS Ship 03,", 'What do you work as?' "Military PLANT Engineer,", and all the like.

As soon as that was over, the ship's captain, Luida, had come and checked in on all the PLANT engineers, she thanked all of you for being there and then explained what had happened.

All SEEDS' ships crash-landed on this new planet, and not all ships survived. She had told all of you that there was a team going out and looking for survivors. Shortly after she left, you had all been whisked to physical therapy.

"Your bodies have been frozen for far too long, we need to ensure that you are all in top-working condition," the doctor had told you all, "Please meet us here every day for two to three weeks depending on your performance,"

You had all been shocked by the news, this was not the plan, but you couldn't do anything about it, so you just all did your best to take care of yourselves to take better care of the PLANTs on the ship.

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