Found Him Chapter 1

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I headed torwards the bathrooms until someone storms in and pushes me to the wall. Jake... Its him....
He pushed me up to the wall and griped on my shoulders. "I didnt finish what i did earlier..." He said with an evil smirk. "Your are an ugly, worthless piece of shit and I hope you die!" He yelled at me. I was sobbing the whole time. I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. He slapped me. I was pushed to the ground. "Fucking Bitch!" He stormed out while i lay there still crying. There were two other girls in the bathroom as well. One looked at me sympathetically and left. idiot... The other just walked out. None of the teachers or adults in the school knew. I wish they did...
*10 mins later when shcool is over*
I slammed the door shut. I was still crying. I threw my stuff to the ground and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and locked the door shut. "Is this who I am, a worthless idiot?" I ask myself. I sat down on the covered toilet seat. I dont cut. You probably thought i did but I never have not even once ib my life! I just can't imagine putting a blade or sharp object against my body.
I thought about things. That's it! I ran to my room and jumped onto my bed and grabbed my ipod and laptop. I played What Makes You Beautiful to cheer me up like it always does. I pulled my laptop out and opened it up and started to become a freaking awesome member of the FBI, but even better than that. I always knew how to figure things out except for things like building a computer... im not a tech person! I was still crying evem though i seem like im all happy but im not. I have my mascara and eyeliner smeared all over my eyes from tears and soem even on my cheeck! I was looking for a celebrities skype. He was from 1D. One Direction always can cheer me up. Maybe if I find their skype, i would be able to talk to them about my feelings. I love my boys and im not sure which member though.... oh wait I got it!
*2 hours later*
It wasn't to late out when i found his skype! I looked at it. "It's not provste right now... that is wierd! But at least I will be able to message him!" I said to myself. I kinda have an Italian accent also, but I guess its ok... everyone makes fun of me not.being able to say some words correctly since I lived there for a few years. I never just get the hang of it...
I typed in "Hello. Is this Niall? I wanna talk with you.... it's actually kinda important. If you're reading this please at least reply that you wanna talk or just wanna block me... I guess that would be fine but i would love if i can at least spend maybe 30 minutes. Please it would mean a lot like seriously A LOT you probably dont know what I'm going through..." And boom i press send. Surprisngly it says read! "OMG" I scream. What if this changes me they always cheer me up.. I hope he at least replies.
"Yes it is Niall. How did you find me? Is anything wrong? Im guessing you're a fan. Remember we love you guys!" Niall had replied. I immediately started typing. "Yes i am a fan. and something is wrong... can we talk about it please?" I get a friend request from him. I remember everything about being bullied and abused by jake... it a came to me and i started sobbing, I hadn't realized i gotten a call and i pressed the button to answer until he said "What's wrong?! Im here talk honey its ok!" I looked up at the screen. I was practically hiding in my covers and pillows. "Hi...." I looked down. "What did you wanna say?" "Well... Have you ever been bullied and abused by bullies and made fun of at school all day?" His face immediately softened up. "Is this what you are talking about?" He said. I nodded my head. "One Direction always cheers me up. I listen to What Makes You Beautiful practically every day! I love you guys so much. It means a lot tk me that you actually care and decided to talk to me instead of blocking me. Also, i wont tell anyone else about this and your Skype. You can trust me, im not like them."
*Nialls pov*
She was explaining to me about things. How bad her life is, and that people call her fat and ugly. But i dont understand why they say this i immediately thought she was pretty when se answered my call. I dont think she noticed though. She wasnt paying attention and cried until i spoke up. She actually is very kind, sweet, caring, smart, beautiful... i could go on! Shit.... Do i have feelings? No this cant be right j dont even know her name! "Can i ask something?" I said. "sure" "What is your name? I apologize for not asking." "oh yeah, Im Ava and im from Bari, Italy." "Oh tha explains the accent! I quite like it. Well hi ava!" I kind of cracked up. She did to. He laugh is adorable. We talked for many hours.
*3 hours later*
Ava and I were still chatting. She did actually become happy! She cleaned up her face a while ago. And looked so beautiful. I can see her light green eyes that sometimes looked like a lime color. I think i like her... I never had feelings for someone like this before..
We were still talking until a NAKED Harry unlocked my door and came in. "shit." i said. Ava looked very shocked. "What the hell?" She stated while i lowerd my laptop screen. "Harry? What the hell are you doing walking around naked?" "I was bored and i heard You talking. Who is it?" He jumped and sat on my bed. "A friend." "who is this 'friend'?" He grabbed my laptop and ran. "HARRY STOP!" I yell!
*Harrys pov*
I snatched his laptop and ran to my room. I set it down at the desk and sat back. I wonder if its still in call... oops! I opened the screen to a girl. Who is this? Why is she crying? "Hello?" I say. She looks up and gasps "What the hell?!" She yells. "What?" "Your fricken naked and showingboff your private parts!!" "You like whaf you see?" I winked. " Jeez i never knew you were such a perve Harry!" Wait is this some fan? oopsies... I can hear niall banging at the door. Hr finally comes in and takes his laptop. "Harry.... your an idiot." He says while walking out. What did i just do? I knew i shouldn't have drank those shots with Louis earlier....
*Avas Pov*
What happened. I cried. "Dont cry princess. Its ok he is drunk i should have made him get out at first." "ok.." i said.
We talked literally all night long! I can tell he really litened to me when i told him about school and everything. He really did cheer me up and im thankful for that. "Hey can i say something..." He aksed. "I guess go ahead." "I like girls who dont kniw who are beautiful. Heads up, your beautiful. Dont ever let anyone get you down. If that jake guy is hurting you go tell a teacher anyone. Go to the police! As long as you are safe im ok. Im glad that you found me. I can tell were already best friends." I was crying now. But not because i was sad. I was happy. For Once in my life i was actually happy. And it was because of Niall Horan. "Aww. thanks nialler! Can I call you that?" "No problem honey, and yes of course you can! We should meet up one day" "Yeah, we should!" Wait a second... Did he say to me i like girls who dont know they are beautiful and heads up im beautiful? Does that.... does he like me. He proboably said that just to cheer me up. But whatever it was. I think we clicked. Not sure how. Im a fat retard who doesnt know . In ugly... why did he even wanna talk? I may have good taste in clothing but why does everyone hate me? I began sobbing. I ended the call right when he was about to speak. I make things worse for my self... I then got a message "Please, dont cry baby girl, its ok. Your beautiful. Dont let anyone get you down. Were definitely gonna meet up soon. I have to get some rest now. Goodnight love, talk tomorrow?" That made my heart melt! I never felt like this before... i typed. "thanks and sure!"
Thank you Niall Horan.
Thats a wrap woo hoo!!! This randomly popped in my head and i needed to write a story! Pretty long... hehe Ilyasm and have a great night/day bye!

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