He Cheats On You With His Ex ~Harry and Zayn~ (1/2)

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Maybe I was just a little paranoid. It could just be a friend. Probably him and Louis were just playing around.

Recently, I found Harry left his phone after leaving to go to the studio. He had a text from some person, 'Baby'. I was thinking it was Louis since it said, 'Love You' and it couldn't be some other lost girl. But then, I saw him text back, 'Yeah baby,

I went to get Harry some cool new shoes he's been wanting at the mall. I've been saving all my work money just to get it for him since he had been at work a lot and didn't have the time to do it. As I was walking out of the store with a shoe box, I then saw a blond head with some curly head. Reminding me about Harry and...Taylor? I didn't approach them, yet. I wanna make sure it's him. Then, as I peeked, to my horror...it was.

"Harry?" I asked, voice cracking as I spoke.

He stole a glance at me, then staring into my eyes.

"You had your chance!" Taylor screamed.

"What, I'm still with him...actually, I guess not anymore." I turned away, then feeling a grip on my arm. I was pulled back to stare at his eyes.

I saw as Taylor rolled her eyes. I wouldn't blame her. He looked at me, pleading eyes. Please, it hurts, but this is unacceptable.

"Baby, y/n, look at me." he begged as I stared at his eyes from the floor. "Please."

"How long?" I asked, tears shooting, anger filling.

"Not here, please." he begged again.

I crossed my arms. "How freaking long!?"

"Four..four months." he mumbled.

I shook me head in disbelief. "Why?"


"Why?!" I snapped. "I loved you!"

"Baby, look. It didn't mean anything. I swear baby, she...Taylor was just a phase. I didn't know, I don't know. But look, y/n, I'm sorry. You know I love you! Not her." he pleaded.

"Oh really, your phone? 'Baby'? 'Heart you'!?" I said, tears cascading my face.

"You looked at my phone!?" he screamed, anger. "What's wrong with you!? Where's trust!?"

Oh my gosh. He's angry, your kidding right!?

"Where's trust? Where's trust!? Apparently not with you! How can you do this, get mad at me, and lie!? Did I do something wrong?! Was I not good enough!? Now your mad!" I cried.

"Look, you had no buissness in my phone. You have no buissness into my text life!" he screamed.

I shook my head again, smiling half hearted. "If I don't have business in your 'text life' to just check if your alright, then why even be in your life?"

I put my hands up, turning away. My confidence wasn't finished yet though. I turned before leaving, taking the shoe box with me.

"By the way, here's your stupid shoes." I shoved them into his torso, forcefully.

I walked away, smirking on the out side, but crying in the inside.


It was a long day at work, aching head and feet. So you decided to get home early, surprising your boyfriend, Zayn, with his favorite hair spray and a mirror with a picture of both of you on the back. As you opened the door, you were surprised to see heels on the floor. Knowing it's not yours or your size, you literally ran upstairs. Then, you saw him making out with another girl. Perrie.

"How wonderful!" was you said, dropping the gifts.

"Y/n!" he screamed, pushing Perrie out of the way.

"Save it."

You began packing your stuff in a suit case while Zayn tugged on your arm. It was really annoying, so you snapped.

"Get away from me!" you screamed, taking back your arm.

Perrie looked disgusted, not towards you, but Zayn. "Look, y/n, he said he was still single. I swear, I didn't know."

You never hated Perrie, she was sweet. Really nice. But right now, as your hearts broken, you managed to reply.

"Well, now he doesn't have to pretend anymore." you said, half hearted smile on your face.

You took your bag, walking out the door. You didn't turn, heart broken forever.

Zayn's POV:

I picked up what y/n dropped, surprised at these beautiful gifts. Then, I turned the mirror, love engraved in gold with the two of us. My baby girl, ruined.


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