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— i want to add a diverse set of characters in this fic, something JK Rowling failed to do in her works, so go ham with your forms and make your OC's as unique and detailed as possible!

— i'm not strict when it comes to face claims, so you're pretty much free to choose whoever suits your character the best. they can be actors, musicians, idols, influencers, anyone! as long as the FC's look within the age range (14 to 16 years old).

— altho the plot of this fic essentially features the main cast shifting themselves to the Harry Potter universe, i will not be rewriting significant details from the original series. for this purpose, i won't be accepting OC's that are related to important canon characters in the books. you can still make them related to certain side characters, just not the main ones (i.e. potters, dursleys, weasleys, malfoys, grangers, lovegoods, longbottoms, etc).

— in order to give everybody a fair chance at getting accepted, each user is only allowed to apply twice (and preferrably with OC's of opposing personalities and/or genders). once you've submmited more than two applications, your forms will automatically be declined.

— i'm a sucker for engagement, so i would very much love it if you guys spam me with votes and comments whenever i update. it's a great motivation for me to write better and faster if i see that you're actually enjoying the fic and are not just here to watch your OC's get chosen.

— you don't have to be knowledgeable about the concept of reality shifting in order to apply. things related to shifting will be explained later on as the story progresses (and i'm also willing to answer your questions if you have any). but you need to have read the harry potter books at least once to fully understand the application form, which requires a lot of information that's specific to the potterverse in general.

— the passwords are to give me a permanent follow (for updates), a shoutout of this fic on your message board, and the title of your favorite harry potter book.


you can submit your forms thru google docs,
notion, or on the comment section

sample form —>

apply here —>

questions —>

deadline: 27th of august, 2023

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