Chapter 2 - New Quarters

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We have agreed that this is quite the pisser (mate). Hope you enjoy the direction we go with this. 

For Ireland. And the sheepies!


Ah. The new quarters for the Irishman at the I.S. Academy. It was a royal pain getting there and he still felt a little sluggish from his first flight, but he's had worst sleep during home brawls from gatherings. The famous, "We hate your guts 'cause you're one town over" line caused havoc all across town lines in the UK. Now a change of pace and scenery for him and slowly settling in. No more pipes, drunken acts of stupidity, and soon to be a quiet place to work. His new arrangements were going to be more towards his new field. I.S. units. Which could really open the door to what he wanted to do.

"Ichika." (First) looked around the campus around him. "This might be a gift boyo." Sighing happily.

"I was also told you're moving in with me too. Charlotte is moving in with Laura which means the other part of the room is yours. Make it less awkward for everyone. Which also means you got a guy to give you the ropes or tour at any time. They even gave you a desk free of space for your classes."

"Aye!" He shook Ichika's hand. "This will be quite the craic mate."

"It's going to be a good time." Nodded Ichika.

"Perhaps you can teach this roommate of yours some proper manners and etiquette." Huffed Cecilia.

"You still going on, lass?" Scoffed (First). "For the record I don't sleep with the sheepies. Haven't you thought about any of this? I ain't be after your title. And I be understanding you and I are two different classes. I am a commoner unlike yourself, but we have class."

"That is to be determined." She replied with a firm glare.

"There pig shite on my shirt?" He looked down. "Why so rash? Do you take me for some barn animal?"

"Perhaps not too far off it seems!" Cecilia shook her head. "I best be off to my unit."

"Ja. Go do that." Even Laura who is chaotic had seem to have enough. First day there and someone already breathing down his neck.

"Competing is regular. Might want to get used to being in the saddle." Ichika agreed with Laura.

"If it was food mate, least I wouldn't be the worst in my region."

"I heard that! How dare you talk about my country when some of the best restaurants are located in London." Barked Cecelia.

"Graded after a few pints. Aye." (First) just laughed and patted Ichika's back. "Do show me the way."

Ichika walked (First) down to the hanger. Down where there were mechanics and maintenance. Also that is wear the I.S. units were stored for safekeeping. Having them looking clean for presentation, making sure all systems were updated and charged, then of course specs and information posted. Technology not up to date is not useful. It's just undignified.

"Hey Orimura." Called the girls from the hanger.

"Hey Ladies." Ichika walked over to middle of the hanger. Seeing if there was something new. (First)'s I.S; had to be in there somewhere. Low and behold next to his there was a white, green, and scarlet unit next to his.

Ichika gawked at first glance. "Whoah! Hey, something tells me it's yours." He points to the defining facets across its metal exterior. "Shamrock on one shoulder and a celtic cross on the other. If this isn't your unit then there's another Irishman at the academy."

(First) walked over in a mesmerized state. It reminded him of home already. "Laddy..." He gasped in amazement. "She's a belter, boyo." He exclaimed. In front of the unit was a holographic screen and a small box on top of the monitor. "Nathair." Looking at a string necklace with dual serpents on a pendant. "Jeepers. What is this beautiful shiny craftsmanship mate?"

"That must be your device." Answered Ichika.

"You mean, I be wearing this and this is between me and this unit?" Thought out (First).

"That's right." Ichika nodded.

(First) put on the necklace and began running through the information on the monitor. "What else is Gaelic here mate?" Reading past the photos of the I.S. unit, he found his weapon. "Celtic Cross?" Swiping through photos he saw that this melee weapon was a claymore. A long sword with a short handle. Then scrolling past a little too far to see, informatic diagrams outlined that his claymore doubled as a bow. A weapon hyrbid. "Shamrock Harp?" Seeing the concept of laser like arrows had him ecstatic. "Laser arrows? Now we're sucking diesel!*

"A giant sword that doubles for a bow?" Ichika pinched his chin upon his own inspection, looking intrigued by it all. "That's something I can get behind. What do you think of it?"

""Well, let's just say big Saint Paddy would love this yoke. Seeing how he drove off all them snakes away from Ireland long ago, so I see the correlation in our culture with this. Now here I am fighting away."

"Fighting away, huh?"

"Ack, you should know the craic by now, boyo. I'm Irish." Nodded (First).


"So, I sent this to email and do homework in our dorm. Right Ichika?" (First) asked.

"Sounds about right. Study for a bit, some assignments, and we will grab dinner together."

"Aye. Sounds grand." (First) was happy to see the unit. An Irish themed unit to make an Irish tale story carry on forever. "I have reading to do. Shall we?"

"Eager, huh? That's good. I'll show you our room. And the facilities in case I'm not around. That will eat up time before we head down to eat and then we gradually turn in for the night."

"Aye." He nodded.

After the tour and dinner he went to his desk that was set up in the room. Logging onto the PC on there to get all the details onto his screen to get the full details and specs. A time to be in his own element in a different location. Pleased to have what is next to a brand new highly engineered computer that he can get in depth with. His specs of all parts, learn the parts of his unit, then in depth of the armor, weapons, and see fully 360 degrees in every angle.

Not only do I have the technology and time to succeed, I have technology and trade that I have to learn from scratch. I won't have any time to program on the side. But in doing so, the girls in the hanger can go over things with me. Plus, I have to go inside and try some of these out for myself.

Yet again, I'd rather do this than adjusting toilets and pipes. Ichika won't distract me from my work. Maybe midnight working may be pushing it, but I am a happy lad. Although, I have to get through this if I want to extend. Not just in this academy, but if I want to get closer to my dreams, this technology is the future. I might as well learn the ins and outs.

Meanwhile in another dorm room on the other side of the hall was a blonde girl in a canopy bed setup with expensive linens. Sitting up as she looked up the top of the inner canopy. It bothered her that another I.S. user from the UK had come to the academy and decided to insult her.

"Mark my words. On God and the Queen. I will take you down. No matter what it takes. I give you credit for not being a sheep. But, my job is to make you going home like a whimpering lamb, who you really really are. To the potato field and sheep herd for you."


Hope our Irishman doesn't say, "Back to the kitchen with you lass." Simply because that's terrible. I mean, that's a hazard for society. Gracious...

-Relly and Gazza

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