[2] Pha Pun... what?!

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"I could have one solution but I don't know if you like this idea."

"You are bluffing. You can't find a cure so fast and if it's about time, you can go to hell with that."

"No, not this. Anyone can say that. Do you know Pha Pun Dao Village?"

"What? Can you repeat it?" He looked for his phone instead of explaining.

"This place. You can find it on Google Maps. It has a beautiful nature and it works like a spa but it's much better because you'll meet many welcoming people there."

I gave him a distrustful look.

"This place... how can it heal a bad mental state? And shouldn't you just be alone when you feel down?"

"The opposite, you need to keep your mind distracted and do activities where you don't have to think that much. Trust me, my good friend as a brat whose life was full of mess came there and this village totally changed his wrongdoing and life goal he didn't have. He even found his life partner there, my best bro." He said proudly. This sounds so silly. Like a fairytale. I shouldn't trust this man.

"Yeah... so I should be going..."

"Okay, I'll write them a letter you are coming there. So no one shoots you when you come, hahah."

"Shoot me?!"

"Yes, my best bro is a forest officer. There are smugglers who keep invading their home so he has to guard it there." Maybe I could get some help from him. There's no way I'm giving up on protests against the ministry.

"All right, I'm taking your offer." I said and left without any more words. I have to ask my mother how she is going to live some time without me. She visits a center for deaf people but I still have to make sure she'd have help without my presence.

I rode back home on my motorcycle. And I found the person I don't want to see the most right now.

"What are you even doing here?! Arresting my house?!" I yelled at him.

"Yok, calm down. You just left some things at my place so I wanted to return it to you."

"You could have just thrown it to trash can like my feelings. I don't want to see you anywhere near my mother ever again!"

"I understand... I'm sorry, Yok... I didn't want it to end up like this..." He said and got in his car without looking into my eyes any longer. When he drove away, I could finally calm down. Leaving this city in the end may be a great idea.

I went inside. I looked for mom in the kitchen and she was making dinner in the most quiet way possible. I touched her gently to let her know I'm home.
She was scared but calmed down when she saw my face.

"MOM-HOW-ARE-YOU-TODAY?" I asked her while making signs.


"I-VISITED-A-DOCTOR-." She came closer to me and started examining me.

"NO-NO. I-AM-ALRIGHT. I-ASKED-HIM-ABOUT-YOU-AND-HE-TOLD-ME-YOU-ARE-MUCH-BETTER-NOW." She nodded to let me know he wasn't lying. I could trust her and stop being negative.

"YOU-SEEM-SAD-TODAY. DID-ANYTHING-HAPPEN?" I shook my head. She can't be making worries about me, she has to take care of herself.

"I-JUST-DID-NOT-HAVE-ENOUGH-SLEEP. I-WILL-BE-FINE. BUT-" She patiently waited until I finish my sentence.


"I-CAN-TAKE-CARE-OF-MYSELF-JUST-FINE. I-WANT-YOU-TO-GO-WHERE-YOU-WANT-IF-IT-MAKES-YOU-MORE-HAPPY." She saw through my lies and knew I haven't been feeling happy for some time. It made me tear up. I had to hug her.

"Thank you." I said even though she couldn't hear it. I just wanted to say it out loud. I thanked her in sign language as well. She's the best mother I could ever have and that's what makes me hate the government even more because they still didn't give disabled people special treatment they deserve.


"MY-FRIEND-FROM-WORK-HELPS-ME-A-LOT. I-CAN-COUNT-ON-HER." She really wants me to leave... she wants me to rest as well.



"YOU-CAN-LEAVE-EVEN-TODAY-IF-YOU-WANT-BUT-AFTER-THE-DINNER." She pointed her finger at me and I laughed. But I couldn't leave her so soon.

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