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"Babyyyy, it's so beautiful out here. How long are we staying?" Zohra asked, wrapping her arms around me with a big smile.


"Five days, we both need the break from everything

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"Five days, we both need the break from everything. No phones or anything this trip, ok? I just want it solely focused on us." I said, wrapping my arms around her.

"Only us." She said, powering her phone off, then I followed suit.

"Come on, let's go get settled in." I said, then nodded still cheesing really big which brought a bright smile to my face as well.


It was now dark out and Zohra and I are sitting by the beach watching the waves together. Our day was lovely, once we got all settled we took some time to explore the resort amenities. I honestly don't even care that we don't have our phones, like I said before we needed this break. And we need to get as many breaks as we before the twins come because I know we're gonna be focused on them and forget about us.

"What your thinking about beautiful?" I asked, placing my hands on her growing belly.

She was resting in between my legs, eating her third bag of sour cream and onion chips.

"How I'm really pregnant right. Like we've always wanted kids together, and now we're about to have them and it just feel so surreal to me." She said, before putting a couple more chips into her mouth.

"I know mama, twin boys. I can't wait to be a papa, I'm so happy. I'm ready for the baby classes, the shopping, and everything else that comes with it." I spoke truthfully.

"You ready for the six week period of no sex?" She asked, causing me to let out a sigh.

"I have no choice but to be ready, and I might make us wait a little bit longer because I don't need you being ripped back open because I'm gone fuck you hard and not stop." I said, sucking on her ear causing her to moan softly.

"What about tonight?" She asked, looking back at me.

"You mean right now? We having sex on the beach." I said, pinching her nips from the outside of her shirt.

"Stop." She moaned.

"Baby, them chips so fucking stank and it's making up breath stank." I said, scrunching my face up.

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