An Unusual Invite

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Advika's POV

This went on for a few seconds until someone brought me out of my trance state by a tap on my shoulders. I jumped at the sudden intrusion and clumsily dropped the clutcher on the ground.

"Ma'am, you're not allowed in this area," One of the staff from the hotel politely informed me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I bent down to pick the clutcher up. "Why though?" I asked as I turned to look at the man. He was gone.

"This is Maharaja Ji's private residence,"

"Oh and was he Vedant Singh Shekhawat by any chance?" I enquired.

"Yes ma'am. That was Yuvraj Ved," he replied. "We must leave now," he made way for me and I looked back again. No sign of him.

Yuvraj Ved.
His gaze. It just captured me.

As I walked towards the door I had very conveniently cruised through, I had this weird feeling of someone watching me. I turned around for the last time when I was at the gate but I couldn't spot anyone.

The staff locked the door in front of me and led me towards the hotel lobby where everyone was waiting for me.

"Where were you?" Kunal asked, concerned over my disappearance.

"I lost my way," I replied. "This place is huge,"

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we walked towards our rooms.


Upon reaching our room, I immediately passed out on hitting the warm, squishy bed.
The room was a considerable size for two people and the decor could take you back to a few centuries. It still had all the modern feel to it but you could tell it had a heritage hotel's vibe.


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The morning was quite rushed because we were just a few minutes away from missing our complimentary breakfast. We bolted to the dining hall and just in time, we were able to get hold of the delicious, over-the-top, calorie dense breakfast.

I have a huge appetite so breakfast buffets are my absolute favourite. I can eat as much as I want and whatever I want. No restrictions.
There's still a little girl inside me who loved food and was forced to not eat. I now respect and honour it because I know I have this body because of what I eat.

And sometimes I do go overboard with not-so-nutritious foods but that's okay, no regrets. It's important that your heart feels happy too, right?

After breakfast, Payal, Noor, Yasmin and Mini went for some pottery class while Kunal chose to sit and sketch by the pool.

I chose to wander and click pictures of myself and this beautiful place. My tripod, camera, phone and me are true best friends. Always together - never apart.

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