The Charm of Destiny

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Namkaran Day
23 Years Ago
Author's POV

In the colorful, bustling expanse of the living room, filled with chattering aunties clad in the most beautiful Banarsi silk sarees, sipping their sodas and gossiping about everything and anything they could possibly talk about including the new mother, children running across the room - playing and laughing, men sitting in one corner, discussing nothing but the upcoming elections, a newborn cradled in her mother's arm turned her soft pink lips into a gentle curl, awaiting the foretelling of her future, filling the hearts of the parents with unwavering joy and excitement.

The astrologer sitting across the new parents suggested the letter the baby was supposed to be named after.

"Something with A or S," he said. The crowd suddenly turned quiet and surrounded the couple and the astrologer, eagerly waiting for them to announce the name of the baby.

"Advika," the mother said, gazing at her beautiful little baby as the father nodded in agreement. "She'll be one of a kind. Unique. Always the special one. Incomparable," she added.

The astrologer smiled and congratulated the couple.

"Then we shall now look into her birthchart," the guests at the Namkaran ceremony grew even more curious. The aunties would now find something more to gossip about, the uncles didn't care much and the children had already left the room to go and play somewhere else.

"Extremely lucky," he uttered as he looked into the celestial stars position in her chart.

The parents looked at the astrologer keenly, waiting for him to elaborate.

"Difficult childhood and teen years, slow improvement, might not get the things she desires making her frustrated and angry but those struggles will prepare her for the grand future she has,"

"Difficult years? What will happen?" The concerned mother enquired.

The astrologer seemed to not hear the question as he was lost in her birthchart, wondering what's going on.

"Loss of father at a very young age," the crowd gasped along with the mother and father.

"It shows the father wouldn't ever be present. But he's here," he seemed to dive in deeper. "It might manifest as an unavailable father,"

These statements scared the life out of the couple, especially the mother. Wasn't their daughter supposed to be lucky?

"But anyway, she will always have God's blessings upon her, making her escape very challenging situations with ease. She will always be protected," he stated.

"Her life will change overnight. With the onset of Rahu Mahadasha at the age of twenty one, she will start reaping her rewards from the karmas of her previous lifetime. She will receive a hefty inheritance and earn popularity and respect. She will prove to be extremely lucky for herself but-"

He stopped midway as the couple tried to process whatever he was saying.

"But?" The father enquired.

"Extreme struggles for the mother. Even to the extent of the mother losing her mind. And I see her being betrayed by someone very close to her. An older sister or brother," he said.

"But she is our first child. She doesn't have any older siblings," the father said.

"Then maybe someone she blindly trusts. As she grows, teach her to beware of her friends and keep a low profile. Getting noticed would get her in trouble until her Rahu Mahadasha begins," he said.

"She will also grow up to be extremely ambitious, charming and would desire money the most. She will have an amazing taste in clothes, perfume, jewels and will get a husband who will give her all of that,"

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