𝒊𝒊. House party in the suburbs

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chapter two

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chapter two.     house party in the suburbs

        The next day, in gym, Felicia discovered that they would be doing the 'Captain America Fitness Test'.

She leaned over to Peter who she was sitting by on the bleachers, whispering, "Bet I can do more sit ups than you, Parker."

Peter turned his head, halfway smiling.

"What are we betting on it?"

Felicia raised her hands with a slight shrug. "Five bucks?"

Peter held out a hand without a moment's hesitation. "You got it."

She knit her brows, surprised by his confidence, but shook his hand nonetheless. Felicia felt fairly sure she could probably beat any kid in this room in the fitness challenge, because she had a small advantage.

She was slightly superhuman.

Coach Wilson instructed them off of the bleachers and onto the gymnasium floor, Felicia stretching her arms and legs beside Peter and Ned.

"You know, maybe we should up the deal. Ten bucks?" Felicia taunted, stretching one arm over the other.

Peter scoffed with a smile. "Yeah, alright. Ten it is."

Felicia had made another friend since yesterday, after meeting her at lunch. Her name was MJ Watson, and Felicia had been amused by her at the academic decathlon meeting. They had been paired up for gym today.

"MJ," Felicia nodded at the girl who was standing there with a book in her face, reluctantly putting it down at once with an eye roll.

Felicia got on the ground, laying on her back, whilst Peter did the same beside her. Ned was fighting the urge to roll his eyes, annoyed with Peter and how much of an idiot he was acting without seeming to realize it.

"What's the minimum? One hundred sit ups?" Peter bantered, Felicia placing her hands behind her head with a smirk.

"If you can even make it to that many," she retorted, MJ holding Felicia's legs down while she did her first sit up.

Peter scrambled to follow suit, doing the same as Felicia. MJ and Ned both counted, but soon enough, they had other people in the gym watching them.

Felicia and Peter both surpassed one hundred sit ups with ease, but neither were even close to tired yet.

"You guys are freaks," MJ grunted while holding Felicia's feet, Felicia flashing her a smile.

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