𝒊. Not a fan of rich people

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chapter one

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chapter one. not a fan of rich people

Going back to school after fighting the Captain America and having to act like nothing happened was going to be extremely hard for Peter Parker.

There were legitimately only two people who knew that he was Spider-Man; Tony Stark and his assistant, Happy Hogan.

Having to walk through the halls of Midtown Science and Technology as regular old Peter Parker again kind of sucked. He did not necessarily want people to know of his secret identity, but Peter just wanted to be someone a little different sometimes.

Entering the school after nearly being hit by Flash Thompson's car, Peter navigated his way to his locker.

While grabbing his books, the hairs on the back of Peter's neck suddenly stood up. Frowning, Peter shut his locker and revealed an unfamiliar girl standing there, her own locker right next to his. She had not noticed him looking yet, or so he thought.

Peter's eyebrows raised, blinking. Maybe he was just slightly sleep-deprived, but this girl was really pretty.

"Is there something on my face, or...?"

Snapping back to reality, Peter stammered while the girl shut her locker and turned to face him, the corners of her mouth raising ever so slightly.

"Uh– n-no, sorry. I-I was just– you– you must be new."

Unsure if this boy had a stuttering problem or not, she decided to be a little nice. "I am. I'm Felicia. Hardy."

She waited for a response, Peter nodding and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"I'm Pete– uh, Peter."

"Pete or Peter?"

He wanted to smack himself, dropping his head with a timid laugh.

"It's Peter. Peter Parker."

Felicia smiled, glancing to the side. "So, Peter Parker, since you're the first person to talk to me and also my locker buddy, wanna be my tour guide too?"

Peter returned her smile, not noticing his best friend Ned walking up behind him. He leaned against his locker, growing more confident now.

"There's not much around here that's special to see, unfortunately. Uh, do you have a class schedule?"

Felicia nodded, pulling her backpack off of her shoulder and opening it. While she was busy looking for her schedule, Peter felt a hand on his arm and was yanked around, seeing Ned standing there. They had a silent communication between each other, Ned wondering who the hell this girl was while Peter was pleading with him to stay quiet.

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