Chapter 1 - Lassies

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Hey everyone. Gaz and I had an absolute blast with this chapter. As I learn Irish-English vocabulary and sentences and this is such joy. I've been laughing good and really feeling the good times here. We looked this both over and feel like she is good to send off.

We hope you enjoy.


It was a whole weekend worth of trouble all because his hungover father had him take his job over in Dublin. A whole series that included law enforcement, government, a video call with a Headmaster, and the disappointment of (First)'s parents to find himself heading over to Japan. From hoping he could program in peace, to a plumbing job because his father drank too much, and by accident activating an Infinite Stratos unit. He didn't just go across the pond. Rather, half across the world. Then into a white uniform and noticing that there were no other males in his view at the academy he was now attending.

Oi. The amount of lassies here is a wee bit much. Bloody hell mate. How am I supposed to work? This was quite uncomforting. From his part time job where he dealt with mostly men up until now. What an adjustment.

As he found himself into his home classroom he was relieved. He found the one male student on the whole campus. Not knowing he was the only one in the student body. Smiling and then Miss Yamada took the front of the class.

"Now," Miss Yamada looked confused and felt so bad for (First). "Due to recent, 'circumstances' we have a new student joining us. Please welcome him. And young Sir, please introduce yourself."

Come on (First) ya wanker. Use your brain. He walked over from the door and stood up to the front of class. "My name is (First) (Last) of Ireland. Pleased to meet you lassies and mate in the corner."

"You may be seated. There is a vacant seat. All yours." Miss Yamada smiled and was glad the mood of the room was good. A few smirks from some girls as well as some glares. Especially from one in particular. A long haired blonde in the back. (First) didn't know it, but that woman was going to be one pain in the self-royaled arse.

After classes were over he took breath and was greeted by the only male student. "Hey there new guy. (First) was it?"

"Aye." (First) nodded.

"Ichika. Happy not to be the only male student here anymore." Ichika smiled.

"Ye be meaning-" His eyes grew wide. "We're surrounded by a sea of lassies mate." (First) exclaimed.

"My sister is Headmaster so that made it easier. Made some friends along too. Some even representative contenders for regions. Heck, one is representative contender for the UK." Ichika pointed over to Cecilia.

"Jeepers." Replied (First).

The blonde girl heads down as well as a few other friends of Ichika. Cecilia goes over to (First) with a mean glare. "Cecilia Alcott. The UK's representative contender."

"Aye." (First) nodded. "You're the lass that they said ran the ship."

"I have you know that my place stands if you try anything ludicrous." Cecilia said firmly.

"I be taking no one's job here." (First) gave her a firm look. Not wanting any trouble. "You Irish tend to always cause a stir."

"And you Brits can't stir a ladle properly." Rebutted (First).

"How dare you? First day and you are already mocking my intelligence?" Scoffed Cecilia.

"I said no such thing wahman. You said the Irish always fight. Such a stereotype. And if we go there, that means none of you can cook. It's why all the men live in the pub."

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