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Regret (Anthony Stark/Iron Man x FemReader)

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Hi, this is the only chapter where the reader is female. Unless of course, you requested one, cause this is requested by a friend. Sorry for the sad feels, and angst. Blame it to Lovely!


He was crying again. And you were there, hugging him tightly, comforting him. Tony just found out that his girlfriend, had been cheating on him from the start, and he tried to found comfort from his best friend. That was always been there for him.

"Don't cry, Tony. She does'nt deserve you!"You whispered arms wrapped around him tightly. You were shocked though, when he suddenly kissed you on the lips, his movements rough and demmanding, with a sliver of hunger.

You struggled, pushing him away with confused eyes. Yes, you had loved Tony from the start, even though it hurt you when you always saw him with other girls and the fact, that you were just his best friend, but you will never forgive yourself, if you even think of taking advantage of his deppresed self.

"W-what are you doing Tony!?"You asked, (e/c) eyes covered in hurt and in confusion. Tony, stopped, his eyes staring at you. He gripped your shoulders hard, burrying his face on the curve of your neck.

"Please (Y/n).. please. J-just for now"The pleading of his voice, the hurt on his eyes, immiedietly made you cave in. Removing his face planted on your neck, you pushed your lips with his.

He kissed back, and you smiled. You smiled through the tears escaping your eyes. Cause you knew, he'll probbably hate you for doing this.


The next few days, Tony glared and avoided you. Disgust and hate plastered on his face, like seeing you was the most horrible thing that had happened on his life. You took a step back, hurt flashed on your eyes, and tears threatened to fall, but you stood still.

You had experiencing nausea, and have wanting foods that you never would have thought of eating before (like apples dipped in mayo). And because of this, you decided to have a check-up. What you found made you cry, from happiness, and from sadness.

You decided to approach him, and this time. He faced you. Clear hate still apparent on his eyes.
You stared at the ground, clenching your shirt's hem.

"T-tony... I, I have something to tell you"Your voice was small, but loud enough for him to hear.

"What is it?!"He yelled, and you flinch. Taking a step back. His eyes softened a little, but then soon vanished.

"I-im pregnant!"You stuttered, and he froze. His eyes stared at your shivering form. What? Y-your pregnant? With his child? He felt warmth go through him and he slowly raised his hand.

Your eyes widened, thinking he was hitting you, when you felt his hand touch your cheeks.

"Y-you're pregnant?"He asked, disbelief on his eyes. He was gaping, and watched as you nodded meekly.

Joy, he felt joy. He laughed, shocking you greatly. He wrapped his arms around you.

"(Name), I'm going to be a father"


(Wow, Major personality change. This is supposed to be a sad one-shot but, eeeh. *shrugs* If you still want to, read further!)


After years, Tony felt his heart ache. He remembered clearly, when you told him you were pregant, he pushed you away. Shouting curses, he pushed you so hard that you fell. Landing on your butt.

Tony shouted and yelled for you to go away. For you to dissappear. And you sniffed, tears poolinng your eyes. You nodded, slowly standing up, and said the words that made him regret what he did.

"A-alright.. I get it. I'm sorry for bothering you T-tony. I'm leaving. So you won't see my ugly face again!"You shouted, turned and ran away. He reached an arm, shaking.

What have he done?

And now staring at your grave. He felt guilt, sadness, and regret course him. You were the one. You were the one after all. The one he tried to find on different girls. And now, he realized how much he loved you.

Tony heard small footsteps behind him and he looked behind.

His eyes stared at a boy, with (e/c) eyes and black hair. He looked like him.

The boy smiled at him, (e/c) eyes tearing up.

"A-are you my daddy?"


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