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" What is logical ? Well, I can't tell ! "

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[ #1 : Game On ! ] : Kreekcraft
Kreekcraft gets an invite to a mysterious realm after a round of Roblox Doors.

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On the middle of evening, Forrest started getting on his Roblox game session, as he was done preparing for the massive amounts of assignments due tomorrow. He's just a normal college student, the only difference is that he doesn't need to pay off his debts anymore. He's finally free, and ever since then he chilled out with Roblox after doing his schoolwork.

He started to play a random game he saw on the front page, as the curious guy he is.

// [Server] : Kreekcraft as joined the game //

He starts exploring the map, while a pig chases him and the other players scramble to find other things in order to unlock the secret rooms or get the items they need. Some team up and find things together, others troll the murderous pig. It doesn't seem too hard for him, so they won the round easily.

He sighs from relief and laughed from the situation he's in. Goofy people on goofy servers. After an hour of playing the game "Piggy", he went straight to Doors, which he tried to go to alone.

Forrest hid in time to prevent the wrath of Rush and Ambush. Rush is easy to beat, it was just Ambush who was annoying to deal with for he comes back for more.

A few doors later, he looked away from the Eyes, which is easy enough if he was careful... but he accidentally opened the wrong door and met Dupe, who damages him. He isn't dead, just damaged.

"Ugh, not again."

Not giving up, Forrest ran away from Seek and proceeded to escape the library of Figure. The numbers were hard to figure out but he endured. He had to.

After almost 10 minutes of a wait that's excruciatingly boring, he started to run for it and open the door, causing him to run away to the nearest shop. With enough coins, he can buy the crucifix, so he did exactly that.

The dark rooms are a bother, especially since it means he's gonna have a field day with Screech. He hears a psst, he turns around- and meets the demonic creature. The creepy stalker of the night screams out of fear, and hides in the dark once again.

After another comeback from Rush, he was ready.

There goes the final door.

But he messed up and got emotionally wrecked by Figure. He just took a deep breath, ready to leave the game, but...

"Would you like to enter Robloxia?" A message pops up on his computer screen, with only "Yes" as the option.

Forrest closed the window with disinterest, and started to log off, but it appeared again, this time without the x button for him to shut it off. In a confused trance, he presses alt + f4, but nothing happens. He freaks out and tries to shut it down. It still pops up!

With frustration, he was gonna almost punch it, but the "Yes" button looked desperate as a button.

He clicked it, and suddenly the world went black.

The next time he woke up, it was daylight in Roblox.

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Word Count : 541

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