Chronicle 1

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You. Yes, you! Come closer. Come on! I have a story to tell. No, you're not going crazy. And neither am I. Yet. At least I don't think I am. But come closer still so they don't hear us. I think you'll find my story intriguing. Perhaps it will offer you a different perspective on things. At least I hope it will.

I will tell you a story of how I got here. In this cage. You see my wand here? Just in front of me? It is mine; I can assure you. It chose me in Ollivander's when I was just a girl of 11 years old. You may wonder why I don't march straight out of here. You may wonder how I became so powerless to have my wand lying before me, yet quite unable to use it.

I'll answer any questions you have. But we must start at the beginning. Or, rather, relative beginning. I'll try not to bore you. So, settle in and I'll tell you, my story.

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