Alt Universe - Slicing Through the Competition

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This story fits within the chapter "Slicing Through the Competition" in my other work "The Ketchum Family." If you are curious what happened before this chapter begins, go check out my other story.

This is the alternate universe scenario of what would have happened if Pikachu hadn't interrupted Ash and Serena's encounter.

Content warning!! This chapter contains graphic descriptions of sex, nudity, petting, orgasms, intercourse and insemination. Read further at you own discretion!

All characters are 18 years or older.

Pikachu slowly awakened from his lengthy nap. He remained curled up in his small bed for a minute before he stretched out and let out a tired, groaning cry. The electric Pokémon blinked a few times and sat up in bed. He waited a few minutes until he fully woke up before crawling out of the bed and starting a slow journey toward the kitchen, looking for a late evening snack. He didn't know if Ash and Serena would be back from the Pokémon contest yet, but perhaps he could find some food.

Pikachu walked down a corridor, rounded a corner and entered the living room. The fully awake Pokémon immediately noticed movement on the couch and glanced in that direction.

Pikachu's eyes went wide as he saw his best buddy was atop Serena and the two of them were clearly engaging in pre-mating rituals. The yellow furred Pokémon clamped his hands over his mouth to keep from crying out in embarrassment as he saw Serena pull her shirt and undergarment over her head.

Pikachu turned beet red and began to quietly back out of the room, not wanting to disturb his best buddy's most special moment. The last sight he saw was Ash's wide and shimmering eyes as the young man stared at his girlfriend's naked splendor. He could tell Ash was very happy. Pikachu wished his trainer good luck and then silently dashed far, far away.


Serena gripped her shirt and bra in her hands and gave both garments a firm upward pull. She felt a massive thrill shoot through her as the clothing protecting her modesty came free and she felt air against the bare skin of her breasts. Elation and excitement filled her chest as she slipped the clothing over her head and then tossed the garments aside with a flick of her wrist.

She looked at Ash and saw that he had pulled back from her slightly. He was now eagerly taking in the sight of her naked torso and his eyes were wide and shimmering with wondrous amazement. She could tell he liked what he saw. Serena couldn't help but grin. For so long, she'd wanted to see his reaction when he finally saw her, all of her, for the first time. She had dreamed and fantasized about this moment and now it had finally happened.

After what felt like forever, Ash's eyes tracked up to Serena's face and he met her gaze. Serena giggled, Ash smiled and then he leaned down toward her face.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered a moment before kissing her on the lips.

Ash placed a hand on Serena's right shoulder. He used his gentle grip to help steady his balance and to guide the movements of his girlfriend. Both of them loved the feeling of skin touching skin and it only further fueled the passionate fire burning inside their bodies.

Their lips worked together several times and then Ash pulled back a little so he could again take in the mesmerizing sight of Serena's bare torso. Her lovely, trim and athletic shape was punctuated by two amazing features.

Her bellybutton was a cute, inward shaped dip in the skin of her stomach. It beckoned him to poke or tickle it and elicit jovial laughs from the girl he loved.

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