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"Get ready we're going out," Gia said as she entered my room without knocking

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"Get ready we're going out," Gia said as she entered my room without knocking.

"No you're going out and I'm staying home," I said and she rolled her eyes.

"Come on Giovanna it's time you go out and have fun. Live a little" she said and I covered my head with my duvet only for it to be pulled away from my body.


"Gia" I groaned out.

"Get your ass out of bed Giovanna. I'm done letting you stay home and be miserable about your break-up with that asshole" she said

"He's not an asshole" I defend.

Idiot. Why am I defending him

"The guy cheats on you with your best friend and yet you're defending him" she states while looking at me like I'm a crazy person.

Maybe I am.

I looked away and she walked to my closet.

"So I have this friend who knows this guy who also knows this other guy, who got us into the Valentino's club. And you won't believe who'll be there tonight" she said from inside the closet.

"Sasha fucking Rosso" she screams and I rolled my eyes.

She's twenty-four for crying out loud and she still acts like a schoolgirl whenever Sasha Rosso becomes the topic.

I don't even see what she likes about him apart from his looks and body. He's a part of a very dangerous gang, everyone seems to be scared of him. People say he's ruthless and has no mercy. They also say he's a cold-hearted murderer. How can I like a man after knowing all of that?

Maybe she's the one who's crazy.

"Here," she said after walking out of the closet. I looked at her before looking at the dress.

"No. I'm not-"

"Yes, yes you are now put it on," she said before throwing it to me.

Sighing since I knew she wouldn't give up I started taking my shirt off.

After getting dressed she picked out a pair of matching heels and a purse.

"Let's do your makeup"

"No makeup," I said and she shrugged.

She styled my hair after she did her make-up and got dressed

We walked out of our apartment before getting a cab. The ride to the club took forty-five minutes.

I almost fell asleep


After meeting up with Gia's friends we entered the club.

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