Chapter 202

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Just this Weibo post alone was enough to arouse people’s interest.

Mistress, model, extremely popular?

Thinking about this description, everyone quickly thought of Jennie.

At the moment, there were only a few super popular models who could tick off all the boxes!

Without waiting for everyone’s guesses, Chanmi posted a second Weibo post: “The main reason why I’m so angry today is that not only did she shamelessly become a mistress, she even brought people to provoke me and beat me up. I just want to ask, is there no law in the entertainment industry? Mistress, do you still have any shame? Who gave you the courage? @Jennie.”

A picture of Jennie hitting her.jpg.

Jennie was the one who stopped her from aborting Lv Shan’s child and she even gave her a tight slap on the face. Hence, Chanmi vented all her anger on Jennie.

Using her status as a socialite, she was going to kill Jennie’s career in the modeling industry! Jennie was going to be buried under everyone’s criticisms!

The Weibo post that she posted before had already caused plenty of discussions. Everyone was discussing the identity of the mistress.

Now, Chanmi had actually announced her name and it was Jennie. Like a denouncement, she completely ignited the flames of war. She even directly pushed the topic of #Main Wife Tearing Mistress Jennie Apart to the top of the trending topics list. There was a huge red ‘Hot’ word behind the hashtag, which showed the popularity of the topic.

“Oh my God! After guessing for so long who the mistress is, I didn’t expect it to be Jennie! I really don’t understand this world?”

“It can’t be Jennie! She has always worked hard and strived to do a good job. How could something like this happen? I don’t believe it!”

“I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it! Everyone, pay more attention to Jennie’s runway show and strongly support it!”

“The commenter above, there truly are plenty of brainless fans. Is there any point in defending her at a time like this? The official wife has already spoken, so how can it be fake? Can’t you see that the official wife even has pictures to prove it? Just look at Jennie! She’s so fierce and even brought people to beat Chanmi up. She’s really something. Does she think she gets a free pass to heaven?”

“No wonder Jennie’s resources have always been so good. So it turns out she has someone like San backing her up.”

“I agree with the commenter above. No wonder even Jisoo has to avoid arousing suspicion and call her Sister Jen Jen. The entertainment industry is really confusing.”

“Shippers of Jisoo and Jennie, don’t cry. Please don’t let this news be real.”

“Shippers of RJ and Jennie are heartbroken. We beg Jennie to quickly refute the rumors.”

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!”

“Previous poster, you’ve gone too far. How can you say that to such an arrogant mistress? You should let her… die without a proper burial!”

Since Chanmi had already posted the statement and was openly targeting Jennie, Lisa could not be bothered to meet San anymore.

He sent a message to Seulgi: “Tell San to get lost.”

Seulgi had already met up with San, but when he received the new message from Lisa, he said to San, “Mr. Manoban won’t be seeing you anymore.”

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