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"What Can I Say ? My View On Life Was All Messed Up. Fuck For A Buck , Strange For Some Change." I Stopped Talking , And Sipped On The Glass Of Wine The Man Had Placed Down For Me. " Ahhh , Oooo , Aahh. Was All I Ever Heard Growing Up. When I Finally Graduated High-school With My Bestfriend, We Were Hustlers And Shit We Had It Made. " I Stopped Once Again And Smiled. "They Questioned Me When I Was In School. They Asked What I Wanted To Be When I Got Older ? I Said Rich , They Would Constantly Tell Me The Mentality I Had Showed That I Had A Gift"

"And What Was That Gift Younique?" The Camera Man Zoomed In Close On My Face. "The Gift To Face Any Obstacle No Matter How Things Get. Never Have I Worked A Day In My Life But When They Put The Money In My Hand I Instantly Flipped It In About A Week."

"So You Can Say Your Gifted? "

"No" I Slowly Closed My Eyes , Grabbed On To My Beautiful Babygirls Hand. "More Like Blessed. " I Grabbed My Book , And Held It In My Other Hand. "This Is My Book , On My Life. Younique. Enjoy"

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