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It's pouring. He couldn't find him once more. It's been 800 years, but he still hasn't found him.

He let out a long, agonizing sigh. He watched as people walked past him, ignoring his presence.

He walks through the crowd with his red umbrella until his feet lead him to a secluded area of the town. He stood there blankly. He let his silver butterflies out and ordered them to find him.

"You look cold..."

When he looked up, he saw a man with red hair and a kitten on his shoulder open the door for him.

No one should be able to sense his presence, let alone realize he's present. He had kept his presence, but this man is staring him down.

"Come in," he said.

He was perplexed as to how this person could see him.

"You appear to be wandering around... It's cold and raining, mind sharing a cup of tea?"

The weather right now is worse; it's heavily raining, and one can say he looked pitiful while taking refuge in that rain.

"Thank you."

The room was filled with the aroma of meat when he walked in. The sound of chopping wood and the warmth of a home pervaded.

Wow. This is the first time he has ever been welcomed into someone's home. He may appear to be a young master, but when his presence is not maintained, no one bothers with him or looks him in the eyes.

"Are you a noble?" he asked.

The man appeared to be a wealthy nobleman. Rich enough but remains humble when talking to him.

This type of person appeals to me. People who give off a dangerous vibe but are actually kind-hearted. He appeared to be the type of person who would get along with someone like me.

"In my place, yes... but I'm in the middle of running away,"

See? He responded to me as if nothing were wrong!

"You're quite strange, mister... But you're the type of person I like, and you appeared strong as well."

"Believe me, if this were my place, I'd be the worst person you'd meet," Cale huffed.

This man is quite strange, but I like him. He smiled and drank some tea. He kept looking outside to check whether the rain had stopped.

"Aren't you in the process of fleeing somewhere?"

He had a good feeling today. For sure, he had the feeling that something good would happen to him.

"Yes," he admitted hesitantly, "I'm the third son... Everyone calls me San Lang, but Mister can call me Hua, and I'm looking for someone as well."

He seemed like, he was not buying my excuse. He internally laughed. He appeared simple, but this man sees right through him.

"They appeared to be a very important person," Cale observed. "Stay here tonight and rest; leave when it has stopped raining."

He had a huge smile on his face as he looked at him. He couldn't help but stop beating around the bush.

"Everyone here is on high alert while Mister relaxes..." he explained, "I've been in disguise, but it appears I've been caught."

"You're just a boy," the man laughed.

"I'm seventeen."

Actually, an eight hundred-year-old man in the body of a seventeen-year-old.

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