© #2 - Finding a Sherrie

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The next day, after our adventure with the ominous fog crawling around our gardens, we investigated the gardens for what that bitter, cold wanted.

JooJee, our muse, was in the lower garden hunting for us and the faeries. She was here to talk to us; we like to tease her in the shadows. When all of us heard a whimpering, agitating muffled buzzing that came from the opposite side of the yard. When JooJee went to find the noise, we followed the "Buzzing!"

The uproar came from the old wood log stuck in the dirt under 'Gigantus,' the sheegahshee, who guards the Redwood. We hear louder buzzing to cover the whimpers? The buzzing although not clear was talking. JooJee, my friends, and I observed angry hornets fly from the inside a stump. JooJee ran upstairs.

Down the stairs came JooJee and Grandma with a spray bottle and a pick. We shook our heads. Ole Elf said, "Do they plan to do this now, during the day?"

Grandma looked at JooJee, who stood by the opening."Spray the soap at the hole while I break into the wood." We scattered. With the first hack out buzzed the hornet. As mad as hornets can get, hell-bent on stinging JooJee and Grandma to death. They ran up the stairs with the angered hornets screaming.

We laughed, peeking from our hiding places. I thought to chop the wood was stupid, and I did not want to think of Grandma losing her mind. Then we heard loud thumping as the yard guardian, big Troll Father Harian, jumped down the stairs to the stump. He lives on top of the deck on a post, to observe our village, the bridge, and gardens from all dangers. He guarded the gardens before they were gardens. He tore that stump apart. Grandma was not as dumb as I thought. By this time his daughter, Faye Grunda, stood beside him, anxiously watching.

Father Harian picked up a scrap of wood, looking, then pulled a nest from the inside of a piece wood. The nest had a hollowed chamber. Inside was a frog! No a sprite! No, a faye! No, faerie! Yes, a sherrie! The tiniest person, I've ever seen, hiding as a frog than changing into a sherrie. Scared, she clung onto the wood. Father Harian, gently collected the maiden in his hands and gave her to his daughter, Grunda Faye.

By this time the hornets were back and flew at Troll Harian, he brushed them off. Father Harian directed, "Take the maiden."

Grunda Faye dashed up the stone stairs to the front garden. With the angry Hornets swarming around him, Father Harian took the stairs leaping on the deck.

The hornets were back at their wooden prison, which now laid in pieces and thrown all over under Sheegahshee Gigantus. I looked carefully at the hornets while they searched the damage. They were winged warriors from another time. They wore helmets, carried swords, and dressed in armor of yellow and black with a hornet symbol. These were not hornets but shift images to fool the unwise. My buddies agreed. Warriors of some purpose!

I speculated, "These Warriors came through our PortHold hiding to keep hostage the maiden, the sherrie and hiding her for Ole Boneless." We looked at each other. That's when the Hornet Warriors flew raging at us, crazed enough to sting us to death.

We ran all over the yard getting out of Warrior Hornets way. With a zap, gone!

I came to the Dancing Circle, and my friends came from hiding; no one hurt

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I came to the Dancing Circle, and my friends came from hiding; no one hurt. My mom, Queen Iriena Kyra, all the Shoppekeepers, Soothsayer Olaf, and Ole Elf Man, Aunt Millie, the Trolls, and everyone in the yard watched. Father Harian came down the stairs looking as confused as we. Grunda Faye was nowhere in sight.

Grandma stood watching on the deck as JooJee slowly walked walking down the stair into the garden. I wondered if JooJee and Grandma saw that exchange. They miss out on most of what we do because of the differences in our realms

My twin sister Maeve Lyn said, "I'll find out details from Grunda Faye."


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