Chapter - 11

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Advika's pov

Where the hell am I? It's almost 30 minutes since I am conscious and here in a pretty awesome room.

Note the sarcasm. By the way I know Alessio is behind all this.

Someone entered the room finally. Yeeeyyeee!

I am insane right? I know I know.

It was Aryan standing infront of me. "Hi" I waved my hands.

Well! I am not tied with ropes like actually a normal person should be. I was actually brought like a fragile glass piece and placed on bed with cookies in the basket kept on the table.

Aryan was confused and raised his eyebrows. Well any person would be.

"Aren't you scared?" Asked my subconscious mind

"Noii! Should I be?" I reply internally

"Ofcourse... Did you forgot you are kidnapped?" Said my subconscious mind

"I know Alessio won't harm me.... Afterall he so called loves me" I groaned internally thinking about it

"Well! Atleast act so no one is suspicious" Says my subconscious mind and next I was in reality with a cough. That cough belongs to Aryan.

"By the way! I wanted to tell you something" Aryan says I didn't say anything but raised my eyebrows in a questioning look.

"Actually.... I wanted to say" Aryan was thinking a lot. "I wanted to tell you" he took a pause and closed his eyes.

"No need to stress yourself... Say it out don't go round and round" I said

"I love you" was all I heard in that room after that.

And after that there was a silence for 2 minutes until a maid came with food. All my favourite dishes which might have sleeping pills or something else.

"Have the food" Aryan says and was going to leave the room when an idea popped into my mind and I hold his wrist. "You need to prove it!" I say.

"What?" He asks out of confusion.

"I mean you need to prove that you love me" I say "you have to find me a way out here"

"That's impossible... Alessio will kill me" He says acting to be scared. I know he won't but still if he is acting I have cards to play.

"Well in that case it proves you don't love me" I say and walks towards the table where maid has placed the food.

"Okay! I will help" he says and I mentally jump with excitement.
"But what are we going to do?"

"Nothing you just have to give me your phone. It's Abhimanyu who will do everything" I say and he pass me the phone.

I dail Abhimanyu's number and in no time it was picked up.

"Hi Abhimanyu!"

"Hi Advika!"

"Well! I am caught you know that right?"

"Ofcourse.... But where are you?"

"I don't know actually! By the way I will ask Aryan" I say and turned to Aryan. "What's this place called?"

"Aldego Phase 2 apartment no. 7b" he says and I repeat the same to Abhimanyu.

After that I immediately cut the call.

"Thank you so much!" I say with a smile and turned towards the food.

I am damn hungry!



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