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Hey guys! Thank you so much for choosing this book... On the first place!


Copyright ©2022 all rights reserved.

No part of my work should be Copied or used in any other form...



This is a work of pure fiction . Some thing may in case match your story, but that's just a pure coincidence.

All the characters, name, place are
imaginary. Please don't take anything seriously.

Warning:- Not mature scenes but ofcourse abuses



Hey everyone!! This book is a pure fiction. Bashing is not allowed. Appreciate the work if you can. Constructive comments always awaited.

Secondly it',s nowhere a fan-fiction book so I requests all my readers to read this book! I hope you like it ❤️

Lastly, do votes. Being a silent reader is your choice and I won't force you but please appreciate my hardwork.


♡About the story♡

This story is divided into three Phases.
1-8 chapter is based on the Friendship of Aayansh and Advika.
From 9-12 this story continues with a different plot where you will face so many shocks.
And after that their will be another phase where it continues with the love life of Advika.

Be positive and spread positivity.

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