Chapter 35 - Why? (+18)

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Malfoy yawns widely and stretches his arms.

"My, my, my... McGonagall never shows mercy!" he complains. We've been kidnapped and kept into a dungeon for hours, but she's been inflexible. (He takes her voice, imitating our teacher:) 'You have to study! Go to your class for the rest of the night!' (He goes back to his normal voice again.) What a tyrant."

Closing the door of our shared room behind us, I nod.

"I thought she was getting softer with time, but I was wrong apparently" I snigger.

"Yeah, in your dreams, maybe! Ouch, I'm so sore... A quick shower and I'll hit the sack."

I look at him. Turning his back to me, he takes his wizarding robe off and gets rid of his tie. I have a nice view of his nape. White... soft... tempting... As he starts to unbutton his shirt, I cling to him and circle his chest with my arms. Intrigued, he turns his head a little to look at me.

"Hum? What is it, Potter?" (He wriggles a little.) "I can't move."

Rubbing my nose behind his ear, I press my body against him a little tighter.

"Come on, stop, it tickles!" he chuckles. "Be reasonable, I'm exhausted. The only thing I can think of right now is my bed."

"Me too, how convenient."

He makes his tongue click, I can literally hear him raising his eyes to the ceiling. I nibble his earlobe, he quivers against me.

"Come on!" he repeats. "Can't you wait tomorrow?"

"You owe me one Draco" I remind him. "The score is 2-1 and I've been longing to equalise it for a while..."

His body stops fighting at the mention of our 'battle to top'. He sighs, resigned:

"All right, let's do it then."

"I'm glad you show so much enthusiasm!"

"Tch, I'm not going to lie to please you!" he spits. "I'm only half willing here!"

"Yeah, sure" I mock.

Loosening my hug, I turn him round to make him face me. Keeping my left hand on the small of his back, my right hand brushes lightly against his cheek. My thumb touches the corner of his mouth. He parts his lips a little –I don't need a clearer invitation than this.

Leaning forward, I tilt my head on the side and kiss him gently. My left hand slides on his nape to keep him still whereas my tongue penetrates his mouth. His hair are as soft as usual, I'm surprised to notice I'm already used to touching them. He moans, surprised to feel my urge, but doesn't withdraw himself.

Our kiss deepens. I press his pelvic against mine, firmly keeping my grip on his back.

This isn't what you want, the voice in my head disapproves. Take your time, savour it while it lasts...

Reluctantly, I let go of his mouth to let him catch his breath. He glimpses towards me, troubled, I take his hand into mine and lead him to my bed.

We sit, I try to moderate my 'ardour'. I undo the remaining buttons of his shirt, he stares at me for a few seconds. Then he takes slowly my glasses off and put them on the bedside table. The palms of my hands caress his white, soft skin, he draws closer to me. I appreciate the tense lines of his abs, my thumb brushes against his nipple. He grabs my nape and approaches his face towards mine. His mouth is so close... I can feel his breathing on mine.

"Is something troubling you?" he whispers.

Hum, shite, he noticed. I shake my head, he frowns.

In an attempt to distract him, I nibble his lower lips. I take his shirttail and pull it off his shoulders. His breath gets short again, I undo the zip of his fly. He opens his mouth to devour me, our tongues meet. As I push him gently on the mattress, he gets rid of my shirt. I pinch his nipple and rub it softly between my thumb and index finger.

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