Reunited [Joseph Quinn]

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Warning: Fluff

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Warning: Fluff

Synopsis: You have known Joseph from previous projects and it sparked a friendship, but your new budding stardom kicked off before his did and it led to the pair of you drifting apart. That is until you get the part to play Eddie Munson's love interest in Stranger Things 4, you are a bit nervous about seeing Joseph again as you are afraid he has forgotten you over the years, but it seems that is not the case when he shows he is more than happy to see you again.

Word Count: 1,601


I take a deep breath as the makeup stylist does my hair, "I love it.", I gush over my character's look, it was similar in a way to Eddie's metalhead look and I am in love with it. After a few moments the stylist steps away to look me over, I give her a big grin to show my appreciation, "Thank you.", I tell her, she gives me a smile and nods back in response before I am up and out of the seat. I am sliding on my character's leather jacket once my feet hit the bottom step of the makeup trailer, "Hey [Y/L/N].", I hear someone shout out to me, I turn to see my new co-star Joe Keery walking towards me with a warm smile. I know who my character is a love interest for, but I have yet to see my old friend, Joseph himself since I arrived and it makes me nervous. I am only nervous because I am afraid he has forgotten who I was or maybe he didn't want to see me as we have drifted apart over the years.

"Oh, hi Joe.", I greet him back, "I just wanted to come welcome you.", he states, I nod a thanks to him as we walk towards set where [Ch/N] is finally being introduced, Eddie's girlfriend has been mentioned in the first few episodes, but this is her reveal as she comes back to Hawkins from a trip to find Hawkins in danger as well as her boyfriend. Joe leaves my side to go talk to a few of our other co-stars, my heart lurches into my throat when I finally see him. He is still as beautiful as the day I met him, a little older, but still as beautiful. I can slightly overhear the small group talking before Joe grabs my attention, "Come over here [Y/N], we don't bite.", I hear Maya joke with a big smile on her face. I shove my hands into the pockets of the leather jacket before making my way over to the group, I look at everyone before my eyes fall on Joseph in his full Eddie outfit, wig included and I can't help but stare slightly.

I shake my head to reorient my thoughts subtly, "Hi.", I say suddenly feeling shy, I am typically not shy, but I am now on a show that I am in fact a big fan of and I do not want to mess this up. I listen to the group talk before we are called to take our places, the scene revolves around [Ch/N] finally showing back up in Hawkins and finding Eddie hiding at Reefer Rick's at the same time as the others. I take a deep breath to help myself get into character, my facial expression changes into a look of worry and concern. 


~As Ch/N~

I am standing beside Robin as Dustin and Steve go poking the tarp in the boat with an oar before Eddie pops up out from under the tarp while the two are bickering. "Eddie!", Dustin hollers out to grab Eddie's attention as he is now holding Steve by the collar, pinning him against the wall with a broken beer bottle up to his throat. I watch with sadness when Eddie looks towards us, his eyes soften a bit once he sees me, "[Ch/N]?", he whispers out softly. I nod and slowly approach, his eyes never leave mine as he lets Steve go slowly, "I'm here Eddie, I'm home.", I tell him to comfort him, it isn't long before the broken beer bottle is dropped to the ground and the space between us is closed. Eddie sobs softly into the crook of my neck as I hold him tightly, "It's okay, I'm right here babe.", I assure him, I run my hand gently through his long hair to comfort him.

The others finally realize I am the girlfriend Eddie has been speaking of as he holds me tightly and closely, he doesn't let go of me when he goes into detail about what has happened. "You knew about all of this stuff?", he asks me sadly, I nod slowly in response. I know about everything from the demogorgon, the demodogs to the mindflayer from before Eddie and I started dating. "I mean would you have believed me? I didn't at first and I saw it firsthand.", I explain to Eddie, he is silent as he thinks over my words. The others leave Eddie and I alone in the boathouse so they can go get food and essentials for us, "I'm sorry I wasn't here.", I gently cup Eddie's face between my hands, he turns his face into my touch and shakes his head slightly, "I am glad you weren't, I was a coward, I ran.", fresh tears fill his eyes as he thinks back to what has happened to his friend, Chrissy.

"You were scared Eds, I don't blame you, not one bit. It was terrifying the very first time for me when I came face to face with this stuff, I ran too. I felt alone and scared.", I explain more in detail of my own experience, "But I wasn't alone, Dustin, Mike, Steve, Nancy and the others were there, they explained everything and made sure I was safe. You aren't alone babe, I'll make sure you're safe.", I add with a soft smile. Eddie rests his forehead against mine and sighs softly, "Thank you. I've missed you.", he says before closing the space between our lips, "I've missed you too Eddie Bear.", I say against his lips, he smiles into the kiss upon hearing the nickname I had given him.


"Cut!", we hear the director finally call out at the end of the scene, I take a deep breath once Joseph and I finally part from one another, I give him a small smile before turning to walk away. "Hey [Y/N].", I hear him call out after me as I make my way back to the makeup trailer to get out of my outfit for the day, I turn to see him running up to me. I am shocked when he quickly wraps his arms around my waist and picks me up into a big hug, my shock turns into soft giggles as he spins us in our spot, "It's good to finally see you again.", he says once he places me back down onto my feet. His big grin makes my heart flutter, "Well hello to you too Joseph.", I laugh out, his laugh joins mine. We chat as we continue our way towards the makeup trailer to get out of our character's outfits, he is still by my side once we are out and walking about, "So how have you been love?", he asks, his accent still makes me swoon to this day and it makes my heart race a bit.

"I've been great, excited to be part of a show I am a huge fan of by the way.", I tell him, "How about you?", I ask him this time, he shrugs and goes on about what he has been up to workwise since we last worked together. I am all smiles as he speaks, it feels good to be working with him again, but this time it feels different because in our previous projects we never played love interests. So this time around we are a bit closer, I stop walking once he stops to look at me, "Would you like to go eat sometime, like before and we can catch up?", he finally asks. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now knowing Joseph didn't forget me over the years, I nod happily, "I'd like that, yeah.", I reply. 

I watch his eyes light up excitedly before looking down at his watch, "Great, I have a few things to do. I can swing by around six or seven, that alright with you love?", he asks. "Yeah, yeah. That's perfect timing, I have a few things to finish writing anyways.", I tell him. "Awesome. See you later.", he says, he gives me another hug before leaving my side. I feel my face grow warm and I am all smiles as I make my way back to my trailer, I have always found myself attracted to my friend and co-star, but never have I ever said a word because he doesn't see me in that way. I am finding myself feeling like I did before whenever I worked with him. 

Little does Y/N know is that Joseph has never once stopped thinking about her ever since they first met years ago, he always berates himself for never making a move before or even saying anything. He knows this time he is going to, he is nervous about it, but he knows he needs to tell her how he feels, as to where that will lead. Who knows!

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