Megido's Tale

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Apparently it's smart to do this, everyone is. I'm not one to jump the bandwagon, but.. maybe it is smart. And I've got things to say. Wow, it's no wonder i don't have many friends.

For starters, god damnit I've died way to much. WAAAY TO MUCH. Like I'm seriously so sick of dying. And now? Now I'm the freaking handmaid! The freeeeaking handmaid! My ancestor did it because she was spiteful. Me? I don't have a reason. i didn't even choose to be the handmaid.

So i'm screwed.


Well now i hate myself. I'm trying to motivate myself by hating myself and it isn't going so well. I can't even bring myself to properly hate myself. This is sad.

Why are so many emotions involved in this? Why am i so sad? Help me...

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