Job Perks

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To be honest, being The Handmaid has some perks. Sure, it's awful and degrading, but I love all the new places I would never be able to see otherwise. I saw a city, a huge one! Full of skyscrapers, and lights, and it was never quiet! I liked it there.

It's also ridiculously fun to prank other members of other timelines. If you're reading this Equius, I do not regret placing a hoofbeast skull on the foot of your bed. Your reaction was golden! I also do not regret the following: placing spiders in Sollux's bed, changing all the sides of Vriska's dice to snake eyes, sending Eridan 11 copies of Magic For Dummies and writing over all of Karkat's rom coms with horror movies. Or stealing everyone's glasses.

See? This isn't always bad, I'll admit it. I sometimes have fun with these things! No Terezi, I will not give you back your red chalk.

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