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A/N hey everyone this is a request from
Malfoys_Riddle thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy this very fluffy wolfstar one shot. (Remus and Sirius like each other but they're yet to confess....will they confess in this? I don't know read to see what happens.)  love the fan art but idk who made it sorry.

Trigger warnings: none it's going to be extremely fluffy and cute

3rd person pov:
Remus was in the marauders dorm, lazily sprawled out across his bed, legs resting up on the headboard while he got a head start on the weeks long list of homework as he'd been putting it off for a while. Just as he started on the three rolls a parchment due for potions for slughorn the door swung open. It was remus' friends and crush he watched as they waltzed in with toothy grins. It's like he knew they'd pulled off a successful prank.

Sirius pov:
I was walking back into mine and the marauders and I saw moony sitting on his bed doing homework for slughorn (I honestly hate him with a burning passion) "moonyyyyyyyy" I whined wanting to get his attention. Yet he didn't look up at me nor acknowledge me to my dislike. "Moony!" I wailed again pouting my lip hoping he'd return my gaze. "I'm doing homework if that's why your wondering I didn't do the prank with you lot, and pads don't pout it adds on ten years to your already wrinkled face." He said while smiling to himself, but all I could do was scoff at him before I rested on my bed letting the lurking boredom consume me and my thoughts.

Remus pov:
It's been about an hour and I finally finished my homework for slughorn. I looked over at padfoots bed to see him laying across it, his head where his feet at meant to go, throwing and catching a snitch. James was off going to swoon over Lily somewhere and Peter was at hogsmeade with some of his hufflepuff friends, so it was just me and Sirius in the dorm.

Time skip to around 6:00pm:

Sirius pov:
I was very bored. Incredibly bored, I asked moony if he wanted to play exploding snap with me but he said he can't as he's reading over his two roll parchment for charms the next day. I started panicking pacing around the dorm I was bound to get a detention. Our charms teacher hates me, this just gives him even more of a reason too, although I don't understand why anyone would hate me. "REM" I shouted down the stairs hoping and praying he'd help me. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and assumed it was remus coming to ask me what the yelling was about. "What pads? Why in merlins beard are you screaming?" "I don't have the charms homework done" I said looking down at my feet. "Oh pads! Come down to the common room with your quill and parchment I'll help" "thank you." I said smiling as I grabbed my parchment, ink pot and quills, rushing down to the common.

Remus pov:
Me and pads were working on the common room couch and he had one more roll of parchment he needed to write, just as I was about to ask him a question, but when I glanced down I noticed him sleeping soundly, curled into my side with his head resting on my chest. I couldn't help but feel the blush that arose to my cheeks as a half-smile half-grin formed on my lips. Nobody knows but I've liked Sirius since the day it met him on the train in first year, I glanced down at Sirius one more time until I let sleep take over my tired form.

Time skip to around 6:10am, confessions:

I woke up at around ten minutes past six and I looked down to see my crush in a very similar spot on my chest last night. I stroked the curled locks from his pale face and began twirling it between my fingers as I finished his charms essay for him, so he didn't have to worry about it. I noticed him stirring against me, obvious that he was waking up, so I took my book and began reading, thinking of ways to confess my feelings to my best friend.

Sirius pov:
I woke up at 6:30 curled up in my crushes side aka one of my best friends from first year. I plucked up the most courage I could muster and I went for it. "Rem..." I said, blushing "yeah pads?" to tell you something"
"Yeah? What is it?" "Wellsincefirstyearivehadsuchahugecrushonyoubutigotscaredyoudidntfeelthesame" I said almost breathless, so scared of his answer. "I too pads..." hearing this I pulled him into a quick but passionate kiss. When we pulled away I said "remus John Lupin, will you be my boyfriend?" "Yes I'd love to padfoot" he said before pulling me into a much longer kiss, before we fell asleep hand in hand, missing classes, but not caring because we were together and wouldn't want it any other way. Until James burst in shouting "Ha! I knew it Peter you owe my 5 galleons" me and my boyfriend just looked at each other before laughing and going back to sleep in each other's arms.

A/n: hey everyone thank you for the request hope it was ok, feel free to correct spelling and grammar :) please leave requests in the comments because I have no ideas so please help me out see you in the next one 🫶🏻


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