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I hear the muffled sound of snickering each time a Marine passes me. I can hear the sound of pure, sick and disgusting hate in their laughter. They absolutely loathe me. And me? I'm no better. In fact I'm much worse. I hate everything.

The marines know I need no punishment for the crime I committed those 10 long years ago. They know that just having stayed in this world is punishment enough for me. The guilt I bear cages me in a cell that has no key. As my life prolongs, the emotions caused by my crime continue to haunt me and cramp my already tiny cage. The guilt presses in on me like the heat of the air on a hot summer day. And as the day nears noon, the cell gets hotter and hotter. The dawn was the day I committed my crime. For years upon years I’ve endured the pressing heat, but no longer. My noon is coming and neither water nor shade will save me then. I don’t remember ever committing the crime. But the evidence was pressing. There was no other way. I’ve been called insane, sadistic, heartless, bloodthirsty, and vain, but that doesn’t matter. I hate the world, and it hates me.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I saw a ship approaching the island. It’s front side was decorated by a goat-like figure-head I also managed to see the mast and flag, which bore a skull and crossbones symbol wearing a straw hat. Good. Pirates. Anything but Marines. Then again, pirates were people, and people are cruel. They taunted me all the same. I was the one who got worked up about everything. Every little detail added to the sun rays on the hot summer day. Every snide remark made the clock tick one minute closer to noon. But the clock doesn’t tick backwards anyway, and noon will still come, so why does it matter? They might as well taunt me. I was born into the world with a fate like everyone else. I guess I never got lucky in the lottery of destiny. Or maybe the world hated me from the start.

Despite my unfortunate luck, I am curious. So, I stood up from my comfortable bed and looked out the window. But the flag piped my interest. Why a straw hat? I jumped from the bed and headed to the harbor. Walking down Main Street, I thought about why I was even doing this. It’s pointless. Pirates do as pirates are. But still... I touched the lime green bandana I never took off. Maybe this would be an adventure. No. It won’t. The world decided long ago my fate was to be trapped in a cage awaiting the clock as it struck noon.

I walked down the hill, stepping onto the beach and walking along it, my feet moist from the occasional visits of the small waves. The ship was now motionless, stopped a little ways from where I stood. I kept walking, and soon stood before the ship. I climbed onto the deck, telling myself I would just take a peek, to see how much of a bother these pirates would turn out to be. As I climbed,  I was certain that the deck would be empty. Most pirates spent more time drinking than paying attention to the direction their ship was heading. Not so with these. A black haired boy wearing a straw hat and a red vest sat on the figure-head. The captain I assumed. He was wearing a straw hat exactly like the one featured on their flag. Next to him stood a green haired guy with three swords attached to his belt. On the other side of him was a blonde boy wearing a suit. Next to blondie was a girl who had chin length, bright orange hair. Lastly, there was a curly-haired boy wearing a green plaid bandana and looking exceedingly proud.

“It's a beautiful lady!” Blondie exclaimed, seemingly elated.

“Phew....It's not a monster!” The curly haired boy sighed in relief.

“Who are you?” asked Straw Hat.

“Should have planned that out a bit better...” I mumbled to myself.

“I'm Monkey D. Luffy! I'm going to find the One Piece and become the Pirate King! Who are you?”

“King of the pirates?” I asked, recognizing the popular phrase, but not expecting someone like him to say it. Who was I to judge, I was the girl who wanted to find Atlantis... “ You're looking for the One Piece....right?” I waited for an answer. What was the matter with me?! Why was I even staying? I didn’t want to find Atlantis! It was a dream! I hate dreams! The world hates my dreams! And of course he wanted to find the One Piece! That’s what he just said! Why should I care! I hate him!

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