chapter 2, the volleyball game

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song of this chapter: heartless - the weeknd

maeves pov

"wake up maeve", kiara yells while barging into the room. i pull the blanket over my head. two seconds later they get yanked off of by kie.

"are you always this energetic at whatever hour it is?" i ask her annoyed. "not always but now i am", she winks.

i tiredly go out of bed and follow her downstairs. "my parents are not home, but they made breakfast. i hope you like eggs."

"no worries, i eat whatever is on the menu," i reassure her, "besides tomatoes." "girl, that is embarrassing for you. tomatoes are the best." i give her a glare.

"anyways, today we"ll be hanging out with the group again. probably on the boat so make sure to wear your bikini", kiara announces with her mouth full of pineapple.

"glad i packed many of them", i laugh.


kiara and i decided to bike to the others since it's not that far and the heat is crazy. i also decided to just wear my bikini and a pair of shorts. the usual outfit here i guess cause every person we have passed while biking isn't wearing a proper outfit. don't blame them at all. nice view.

"this house on the left is sarah's by the way", kiara tells me while pointing at the incredibly big house.

as we're passing by, i see two guys in their front yard. suddenly four eyes look at me. feeling embarrassed that i was kind of staring i turn my head to the road again before i break every bone in my body.

"those two were topper and rafe", kiara says before i can even ask her. "oh yeah, sarah's brother and?" "his stuck up friend. he actually dated sarah a couple of months ago."

"wow really? doesn't seem like her type", i comment thinking about john b. she nods.

"hey mamas", jj smiles as we arrive. i chuckle and wave at all of them. "i brought the beer!" jj almost squeals. you'd think he loves beer.

after an hour of drinking, listening to music and talking, i kind of want to do something else. i have an idea!

"do any of you guys have a volleyball or just some sort of ball to play with?" i ask them. john b and jj give each other a look. of course those fuckers are dirty minded. "i'm serious", i give them a glare. "yes we do somewhere on this boat i think", sarah says while getting up to look.

one minute later a ball gets tossed into my hands. amazing.

we all get out of the boat to go on the little beach there is. it's not big, but big enough for three families to play volleyball on.

we team up in pairs of two. sarah decides to be the referee. i team up with john b and kiara teams up with jj.

thirty minutes of playing pass by, but we're still going strong. my team is actually winning. john b is surprisingly good at this. i also just know sarah is rooting for us.

"you're going down madden", jj screams as he passes the ball to us. the ball is going at full speed towards the water. as i'm running after it with the others laughing at me, i hit a hard chest.

before i can even react i fall on top of someone. whoever this is, they smell great. i turn my head to see who it is when i recognize the face i have seen earlier.

"i'm so sorry.. rafe right?" i question. "yes now get off of me", he answers while getting up. not caring that i'm still on top of him, he gets up and i fall further into the sand.

"sure, don't even bother to help", i roll my eyes. "it's not my fault you can't watch where you're going", rafe states. i brush the sand off of me. "in my defense you're the one who saw me running after a ball. you could've just went another way."

"whatever man, don't really care." he really is an asshole like kiara told me yesterday. apparently he has psychotic behavior and acts as if he's the kook king. i will not be speaking to him anymore i can tell you that.

i roll my eyes for what felt like the five hundred time today, pick up the ball and walk past him back to the others. i make sure that my shoulder pushes against his. bitch.

"i bow for you," kiara says. i give her a confused look. "don't think a lot of people would have balls to talk back to rafe." "he really isn't all that. probably all talk but no actions", i tell them. "i wouldn't be so sure about that. he punched pope pretty hard last month", jj says. "i guess i'll have to see so myself if he gets mad again", i respond.

i turn around to see rafe walking back to his group.

"are we going to finish our game or not?", kiara asks. john b grabs the ball out of my hands which startles me. i turn my attention back to them and nod.

"hey guys! aaliyah texted me that there is a party tonight", sarah says excitingly.

"yeah we're definitely going", kiara claims.

oh boy.

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