There's a thin line between love and hate. I've heard that been said many times before. I used to never believe it, because I always thought that it was impossible to love someone you used to hate or hate someone you used to love, but I've always been kind of naïve.

When people ask me who my first love was, I can never give them an answer because I honestly didn't know myself. But if they were ever to ask me who my first hate was, then that would have been a very, very easy question to answer.

"Shut it!" AJ hissed loudly at me, a little too loud for someone who was worrying about getting in trouble. "You're going to get us caught!"

"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City?" I sang a little louder and more obnoxiously, just to annoy her. I knew it was working just by the look she gave me, and I almost burst out laughing. It was always so much fun messing with her when we were doing things like this. Actually, it was always so much fun messing with all of them. But what are best friends for?


"Man, you're no fun, AJ."

AJ rolled her eyes at me, and I finally kept quiet. I knew that she thought that I was going to get us caught one of these days, but that didn't mean I was going to stop anytime soon. But I was even sure myself that I was going to get us caught one of these days, too. We always seemed to get really close to it when I opened my mouth. But I liked the rush that I felt whenever we were close to being caught.

I normally wasn't a loud person; I was actually pretty quiet when I wasn't around my friends, but when it came to pranking the idiotic boys from Cambridge Institute, I always got more excited. How could I not be loud and happy? We were getting them back for pranking us!

We usually only ever pranked them for revenge, since they were the ones that always started it. But after four years of doing this to each other, it was kind of hard to decipher who started it. But most of the time they did, and we were just pranking them to get back at them.

I had always been the type of person that loved revenge; it was like I got an adrenaline rush or something, like I was hyped up on sugar whenever we were going to prank them back. I sounded like a child, but hey, it was the truth. At least I wasn't lying like Lexi always did when we were pranking.

She said she hated doing it, but I knew that she loved it just as much as me. She was always stubborn like that... but she probably got all that stubbornness from me.

The girls said that I was probably the smartest person they had ever met, but then again, I was definitely the most stubborn. I had to agree with them, since I knew that I was pretty stubborn. And I knew that I was smart, but I didn't know if I was the smartest person they ever met. I wasn't going to be self-absorbed and say I was smarter than them or anything, but I was sure smarter than a lot of other people.

I was planning on going to Yale after we finished high school, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. They always said that it was pretty amazing how smart I was, but I didn't really see it. Yeah, I was the top of our class and the smartest girl at our school, but... I just really didn't like being labeled as "the smart girl" by pretty much everyone in town.

We continued our way across the field silently, the net clutched in our hands tightly. This wasn't exactly the best prank we'd ever played on them or anything, but it would teach the Cambridge boys a lesson for taping the underwear of all the girls in the school to the side of the school.

I still didn't understand how they even got them, which was definitely the creepiest part out of it all. They had one pair from each girl, like we had given them to them or something. Which we didn't, let me assure you, because we definitely weren't like that. Well... as least most of us weren't. I unfortunately knew a few girls that would willingly give them their underwear...

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