Here We Begin!

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Yooooooooooo! It's Your PikaBoy! And *I Am Here*
Uhh,You Know What? F This! Let's Just Begin The Story!
Oh BTW, How's The Pic? Cute Right? I Am Thinking Of Changing...Should I?


"Screams...Screams That's All They Heard...
Blood, And Corpses, That's All They Saw
Being A Teenager In Such Situation...What Would You Do?
Dunno About Yours...
But The Hero And The Crew Can't Seat Still...Can They?
That's Why...Let's Join Our Heroes In This New Chaotic Journey!" Yelled The TV

We Can See A Room Where 5 Guys Are Sitting And Watching TV. The Room Was Not That Big, It Had A Double Sized Bed, With Guitars And Other Music Equipment Decorated, The TV Was 48 Inch Big With A PS4 Setup With It,A Study Table With An Action Figure And A Table Clock etc. Now We'll Continue...

"What Do You Think? How Will This Go?" Asked A Spikey Haired Guy

"Dunno, The Trailer Sounds Promising...Should Be Good" Said A Kid With Raven Hair

Few Secs Later

"Hey, I Think I Should Practice" Said The Kid While Standing Up

??? Chuckled

"You Always Think About Music Don't You?" Said The Guy Who Chuckled

"But, Trip...You Know I Can't Help Myself" Said The Raven Haired Kid

"Yup, We Know That Very Well, Ashy Boy!" Said The Guy With Spikey Hair

"Gary, Pls Stop Calling Me That..." Said Ash Politely But Slightly Annoyed

"Pathetic" Said The Purple Haired Kid

"Dude, Could You Stop That!?" Exclaimed A Green Haired Guy.

"And Why Should I Listen To You, Saladhead? Asked The Kid Nonchalantly

"Paaauuull!!" The Green Haired Boy Gritted His Teeth And Charged At Paul Which He Dodged Easily Resulting Him To Hit His Face On The Wall *ow*

Ash Helped Him Get Up And Asked "Drew, You Ok?"

"Yeah, Thanks!" Drew Thanked Ash

"Hah! Loser! You Are Even Worser Than Ash!" Said Paul

"Can You Guys Just Shut The Fuck Up?" Said Trip Looking At His Phone

"So That You Could Chat With Your Girlfriend In Peace?" Said Paul Mockingly

"The Hell!?" Yelled Trip As He Got Up And Held Paul's Coller.

Paul Did The Same

"Ahh Shit, Here We Go Again" Said Gary

"Dude! Seriously?!" Exclaimed Ash At Gary

"Why? This Was The Perfect Time!" Exclaimed Gary At Ash

"Yeah? Well I Don't Want My Mom To Yell At Us For Eternity That's Why!" Yelled Ash

Before They Could Do Anything, Ash's Door Burst Open And There Appeared Ash's Mom With Crossed Hands, She Was A Woman In Her Mid 30's With Brown Hair. She's Usually Super Sweet But Right Now Her Expression Was Expressing Something Else. There Is Only One Thing Ash Has Swore In His Life (until now) That He Would Never Do, And That Is, He Would Never Make His Mom Upset Cuz If He Did...Then It's Dead End.

Ash Was Scared And He Instantly Closed His Eyes And Covered His Ears

"Oh, Uh Miss Delia, We Can Explain..." Gary Tried To Explain But He Instantly Stopped As Her Glare Scared The Shit Out Of Him. Trip, Paul And Drew Stopped What They Were Doing As Well...

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