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A being was watching the multiverse, more specifically his favourite son, Spider-man. He looked through multiple universes to see how his son achieved greatness or his sacrifices were forgotten in obscures and lastly the universes where he finally broke and became the nightmares of its inhabitants.

But he merely focused on the universe where his broken son picked up his pieces and mended them together but he was never the same.

He hardly interferes in the grand multiverse but mostly he has done it, is only for him and now he's going to do it again. He decided to show the inhabitants of this universe, the consequences of their bad decisions. They all need to have faith in him, their choices have sometimes saved his son and other times doomed him.

So the being, also known as the ONE ABOVE ALL, decided to interfere again and he will show them the mistakes that can be avoided.


The Earth's mightiest heroes assembled around in the meeting room. They looked at the news with grim expressions.

" Hehehe, Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I, The Superior Spiderman, warn you not to interfere with my plans. " warned the voice of Spiderman in a smug tone.

" If you do, you will face grave consequences. Sit tight and watch the show," said Spiderman, suddenly the view shifted towards his legions of Spiderbots and spider army.

The Avengers looked shocked at the threat given to them by one of their colleagues. Some gritted their teeth in anger and some still tried to process the situation.

" Wh--What should we do Cap?" Asked Jessica as she looked at the scene with nervousness.

" You are asking that!? We should go and arrest him. I always told you all he is no good and he's a threat but nobody listened. !" Snapped Hawkeye angrily.

" This time he's right, with a heavy heart I have to say, Spiderman has lost his way," said Captain America with a heavy sigh.

" Call in allies, Tony. We need everyone we can get, we are going to war with one of our own," continued the captain as he strapped his shield on his back and walked out with a grim expression.

" Jarv?" Asked Tony.

" Already did sir," replied Jarvis.

" I knew it he was crack in the head, but to turn evil?" Muttered She-Hulk as she clenched her fists.

" Carol?" called Jessica she was still shaken up by the threat given by her work husband.

" How can he do this?" muttered Carol after seeing the news, Jessica patted her back in assurance while her other hand was placed on her stomach.

" I don't know, Carol" replied Jessica.

Soon everyone gathered at the helipad, some Avengers walked toward the Quinjet while others prepared to fly towards their destination.

But suddenly all of them were engulfed in a golden light and disappeared.



The X-men consisted of cyclops, wolverine, Charles, Beast, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, kitty pride, Hope Summers, Magik and her brother Colossus, Iceman and Moira.

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