Unknown Threat!

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No One POV:

"Haku!" Y/n called out as he dodges the enemy's attack by backflipping away. 

He quickly uses his sword as he made it in his whip form as he does long-range attacks as it hit their nerves. Their legs felt numb as they fell with a groan.

"Do you wish to finish them off?" Haku asks as he motions the two rain ninja comrades to try and get up. They have been structured by Haku's weapon as well as his quick attacks.

"Sure!" Y/n cheered as Y/n sprinted to them, they get themselves ready as Y/n front flipped and motioned his whip as it struck their neck. 

Making the enemies fall unconscious, Y/n landed as he twirls around.

"Eh? Already finish? I remember them talking so much about them being superiors, yet they can't beat a team with two members." Y/n commented as he sheaths his weapon.

"Yes," Haku thought as he looks at the defeated team. "It was quite...faster than how I anticipated it to be."

"There, there." Haku patted him on the shoulder teasingly as he sees Y/n pouting but also blushing from Haku's cockiness. 

"On the other hand, though, we didn't have to resort to much violence," Haku added as Y/n nodded before taking a look at his blade and sighing. "What's the problem?" 

"It's my poison," Y/n replied as Haku was confused. "I'm almost going low on my weak poison. At this rate, I'll either have to use my Love technique-"

"-Or you have to use your stronger poison," Haku added as Y/n nodded.

There were more teams that they encountered as Y/n was fast to make them paralyze with his poison, making it an easy quick strike. However, the teams have had Heaven scrolls, not an Earth scroll.

Y/n went to one of the guys as he searches around him. He checks the pouches and any hidden area that might be where the scrolls can be.

Y/n groan as it came that he didn't have a scroll with him. He turns to Haku as he notices the disappointment on his face.

Y/n turn to the last guy as he was gonna give up when he checked his eyes widened as he tries not to squeal. He tosses it to Haku as his eyes widen and smiled with relief, "That's one problem down." 

Y/n nodded as he lookup. "How do you think the others are doing?"

"I'm sure they're handling themselves well," Haku answered.

Y/n bit his lip a little as he giggles a bit. "Maybe, but I would guess that they have already been to an argument. Knowing how Sasuke and Naruto go after each other. Plus, with Sakura just sitting back, trying to talk it out. I can't wait to meet her."

Haku turned to Y/n after checking the team they fought. "Did you say something?"

"Uh, no? Maybe it's from other people that might be close here." Y/n answered.

"I know that I haven't been with your team for a while, but I hope we can chat a bit?" Haku requested. 

"Oh yeah! We haven't talked for some time because everything happening so fast! So, what did you want to talk about?" Y/n realized but ask.

"What is it like? Your team before me and Zabuza came?" Haku asked as they started to head out.

"What my team is like?" Y/n thought trying to come up with an answer. "If I had to pick a word, it would be chaotic? Back then before the team was official there was a test. It is when we have to get the bells Kakashi-sensei had. Everyone went after it by themselves."

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