True Epilogue: Family Reunion And Farewell/Sequel Series Info/Going Forward

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The blading world was at peace at long last! Athena, Lane, Bella, Adeline and Rangara had all returned to America to Valhalla Manor where the birth of a new Team was created. Athena was nominated as America's #1 Blader and Lane was given a job at the wbba as Chairman while Wakiya was promoted to Assistant Director along with Kristina Kuroda, the manager of BC Sol and Head Director of the wbba.

Athena and Lane continued their blading careers while they focused on creating a pathway for the new generations of bladers going forwards, Bella being one of them. Bladers were being taught the true and ultimate way to play the game.

Main Kuromi stayed behind in Japan at Supreme Prime but he was now focusing on bettering himself as a blader and a person. He awaited the day where he could have another full powered battle with Bella and the others again.

Alexander Gliten (Theodore Glass) was on trial for experimenting on young and old bladers and the wbba won the trial and Ashtem was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes but he vowed to himself that one day, he would get his revenge. The Snake Pit was shut down for good and the bladers and workers that worked in the facility were freed and went back to their homes and lives, most of the people there were kids that hadn't seen their families in months or even years.

Bella on the other hand continued to get even stronger, she was crowned by the wbba as the one of the worlds strongest bladers and was personally granted the #1 Blader in the World title by Valt Aoi himself. The rest of the legends also continued their blading careers and they would all continue to get stronger as well, all wanting to get back at Bella for their losses.

One thing was for certain, the Blading worlds way of Beyblade reigned supreme and the curtain now rose upon the new era of Beyblade.

[Don't drop the soap Ashtem, don't do it.]

---Sequel Series Announcement---

Now this is the moment you were probably all wondering, 

Q: What about the Sequel Series?

A: Well i know for a fact now that i want to do it, i want to continue Bellas story in any way i can and in a way, i also want to continue Athenas story as well a bit. I don't know all the details just yet but i can confirm that it will indeed happen and i promise you, it'll be cool.

Bellas story will be continued in a new Wattpad book as there isn't enough space in this current book for another 52 Chapters so it'll have to be in a new book.

The sequel series is also going to be a One-And-Done thing, there won't be another season after that so it won't take as much time to plan for other seasons after it.

---Suggestion Box---

But now this is where you as the beautiful lovely reader comes into play, i want your suggestion as to what you would want to see in the Sequel Series? Is there any characters you would like to see come back? Any Plot ideas? New Bey ideas(Because there will definitely be new motifs for sure)? What you would guys like to see in the new story because i really want to know your input and i want your ideas to be heard even if they don't make it in, this segment is optional but i do recommend giving at least 1 idea.

---My Thanks and Going Forward with Athena Valhalla---

It has been a lovely few years working on this story and the amount of support has been astronomical and i couldn't be more grateful. I've poured my heart and soul into this story and into the world that i created alongside the beautiful characters created by the legend Hiro Morita and its thanks to him and his amazing work that i was inspired to create this story because without him or Beyblade Burst, this story would never exist and you would never know Athena Valhalla.

Going forward, the final chapter of this book marks the end of Athenas story but i can assure you she will return in the sequel series once again and i'll try to include her in other coming projects going forward as well.

Thank you all so much for your kind support and keep on blading and below is a quote that almost perfectly matches the story as a whole

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

---Thank You All For Reading and i hope you enjoyed---

Beyblade Burst: Burst Ultimate is getting an earlier release date, this coming friday so be ready for that.

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