S3 Chapter 52: Bonds! The Final Battle!!

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Athena Valhalla ~ The young girl from New York who lived a rather special and interesting life. Pampered constantly alongside her brother for many years throughout her childhood and began blading at 10 years old, being not only one of the youngest bladers with exceptional skill but also one of the youngest legends. In the present day, Athena is a blading icon alongside bladers like Valt and the other legends, she is a role model to many around the world and her legacy continues to touch the hearts of people who sought out power

Lane Valhalla ~ The boy who once thought his destructive ways of blading would make the entire world cower under his feet but was brought back to his sense by the sister who dedicated everything to bringing him back to the light. Now, Lane helps and supports Athena in her work to keep a new gen of bladers from falling down the path that he once walked and is also now looked up to by all sorts of bladers.

Bella Akazara ~ The blader who had no idea what her origins were and had no idea she was related to a wealthy and well known group of bladers like Athena and Lane! Upon the discovery of her origins, Bella takes her power and heads to the world stage and challenges a ton of various legends and regular bladers all to defeat her adversaries! Now after defeating Main Kuromi, Bellas biggest challenge has come: Defeat Athena.

No matter what was to happen in the future, the legacies that these bladers carried would live on in the hearts of bladers around the world.. forever.


*The crowd was cheering loudly as the 1st battle had ended in a draw, the 2 bladers stared each other down as strategies were being made*

Bella: The battle ended just like that in the 1st battle.. a simple little draw. Not a loss but it only proves that Athena is super strong.. i got to step it up now..

Athena: To end in a draw like that, Bella really has gotten a lot more stronger since we first met.

*Athena remembered the day she had met Bella in person and revealed to her that she was her sister*

Athena: Ever since then, i've always believed you could become a blader that was worthy of surpassing me and today might be the day you do that. There's no other blader that i know of that could be battling me the way you are right now..

*Bella smiled as she held up her bey*

Bella: The battle may have ended in a draw but i know for sure, we'll be the winners for the next battle!

Athena: I was hoping you would say that Bella.

Bella: I'll be the one that wins the battle, just you watch!

Athena: Nice try but it'll be us that wins!

*Athena began to laugh a bit as Bella joined her*


Rangara: T-They're laughing?

Lane: Their care for one another is really showing, i think we're in for another intense battle.


Bella: It's now the 2nd Battle, i need to step things up if i am going to win.. looks like i'll gave to go all out like i did with Main.

Athena: the last battle ended in a draw, we can't draw out the battle like this or else we won't have the strength to keep going..

Referee: Alright, 2nd Battle!!!

*The 2 bladers took positions and they began to come up with strategies*

Bella: Final Adeona is an attack type with all past evolutions of itself combined into one, a bey like that has a lot of strength. I wonder what i can do in order to beat it.

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