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Okay this has nothing to do with the first chapter.

I was inspired by a song and im not going to tell you what it is.


  "Athanasia,date me."

  "You? Why?"

  "Because you know you can't resist me. Even heaven won't be able to help you."

  "That obvious huh?"


  "Fine. But don't expect me to cry when we part."

  "I wouldn't dream of it."

  I sat on at my table.

  I'm going to so regret this...

  I heard noises of the chair scratching against the floor.

  "Wanna go on a date after school?" A voice asked.

  I didn't even have to guess.

  "Where?" I asked.

  "Let's drive out of the city away from the crowds." He told me.

  "Okay." I agreed since my parents aren't going to be at home.

  I looked up to look at him.

  Tall, bad and handsome with his pitch black hair and blood red eyes.

  Ideal bad boy.

  Playboy too.

  No wonder girls fall at his feet even though they know that nothing last forever.

  "Take a photo it'll last longer." He told me as he grinned.

  "My memory can surpass any photo."I replied.

  "Of course I forgot I was speaking to the A student." Lucas remarked.

  "I'm going to go home first so I can change." I told him.

  He nodded.

  I went home and changed into a nice pale yellow dress that went to my knees and had ruffles at the end.

  I waited outside.

  I saw his car coming from a distance.

  The car stopped Infront of me and he rolled down the car window.

  "Morning beautiful." He greeted.

  "Morning." I said back.

  "No compliments?" He questioned.

  I went around the car and opened the car door to the seat right next to him.

  "Why state the obvious?" I questioned.

  He chuckled.

  "Straight forward I see."

  "No point beating around the bush." I replied.

  "I like that." He told me.

  I'm sure he was having a very smug expression right now.

  I looked out the window.

  "Where are we going?" I asked.

  "Library." He replied.


  Are you serious?

  I'm not mad.

  If anything I'm delighted.

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