The melody to my heart❤️

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  "Jennette you owe me a cheesecake for abandoning me yesterday!"

  "But Athy~ I was going to be late for tuition and plus you were distracted by whatever was being played on the piano" Jennette whined as I got more infuriated.

  "But the music was so nice I couldn't help but sing to it..." I pouted, knowing that once Jennette made up her mind there's no changing it.

  "Hey I'll treat both of you ok?"

  "Thank you kiel!"

  "Hey can I join?" Lucas said as he just walked into the classroom meaning he was almost late.

  "Nah Lucas you treat your self." Kiel rebutted and smirked at Lucas

  "Fine!" Lucas said annoyed and went back to his seat which was all the way at the back beside kiel while me and Jennette are all the way at the front.

~lucas POV~

  "Hey kiel after school yesterday did you hear someone singing?"

  "No I didn't. Why did you ask?"

  "No reason!"

  'Who was the person singing then? Kiel potrols the hallway so if he doesn't know then I was probably hallucinating'

~After school~

  'I wonder if I play the piano today would she sing again...' I walked into the music room and decided to play the same song as yesterday.

  Then I heard it singing the very same voice from yesterday

  'She's here again! She's real I'm not hallucinating!' I was getting excited to see who this person who sang like a goddess was!

  I looked at the door while waiting for this person to show up...

  There she was at the door I saw her with a face that said 'HIM!?!'

~ Athy POV~

  'I could feel my heart beating faster as I speed walked to the door that very room that the music was coming from'

  When I peaked into the room there I saw, him playing the piano the person who played the melody that made my heart skip a beat.


  Playing the piano while looking at my direction as if glad but at the same time confused.

  'HIM!?! Of all the people on earth it's him!?! The person who loves to mess with me, till the point where my blood boils!?!' I took a deep breath.

  "Were you the person playing the piano?"

  "Are your eyes for decoration?"

  'I seriously want to punch this guy!'

  "I'm surprised you can sing" Lucas stopped playing the piano and turned to face me, with his head being propped up by his arm.

  "I can say the same for you! Where did you learn to play the piano?" I stepped closer to him, so that I wouldn't have to shout across the room.

  "I'm self taught."

  "Self taught!?! That's impressive! " I clapped my hands together, to show my amazement.

  "Isn't everything I do impressive this should be no surprise?" Lucas smirked.

  'I still can't figure this guy out! He was sick for a week missed all the lessons the day he comes back he was late, and there was barely any time left to do the exam and yet he aced it!'

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