Holly Jolly Lonely

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Episode 2: "Holly Jolly Lonely"
Written by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers

1. Krampus, Hans Part 1 
2. Cindy, Darlene, Stacie Part 1
3. Gracie, Marky, Melody, Sebastian, Amanda, and Katy
4. La Befana, Emily, Henry Part 1
5. Mr Rogers, Principal Carter
6. Melody, Sebastian, Mr Rogers, Principal Carter, Coach Bear
7. Krampus, Hans Part 2
8. Stacie, Darlene Part 2
9. La Befana, Emily, Henry Part 2
10. Gracie, Amanda, Katy
11. Marky, Benjamin Part 1
12. Gracie, Amanda and Sophia Sinclair
13. Marky, Benjamin Part 2

Scene 1
The Devil's Den

(Setting Forest rain, dark tones, drone creepy feeling)

Hans: (Thrilled) You won't be alone anymore!
Now that you have *me* as your little side-kick, we can finally snatch up Marky & Gracie.

Krampus: (Hypnotized) That's right. Marky's, first?

Hans: That's right.
We already checked the list... twice!

Krampus: (Insightful) We did? Oh yea, We did!
Let me see. (Looks inside mind) He's still at school. He has a backpack on and - oh - there's a book with my name on it...

Hans: What do you see? A book?
What kind of book? Tell me..

{Marky: What if there are two monsters?
Gracie: Krampus isn't the only one?
Marky: Look, there's a chapter called "The 5th of December." Isn't that like in 2 or 3 days?}

Krampus: (lies) Oh, Nothing. Never mind. It's too bright.
Damn the little devil.

Hans: (Frustrated) Ugh, Is he alone?
Krampus: No, not yet. He is surrounded by Gracie and some other kids. They're still at school. Should we teleport there?
I'll snatch him right up real quick!

Hans: No, no, no, no. We don't have a lot of time, but it'll be best to get him once he's all alone.
You don't want to get caught.
No one really knows that you're back yet.
I want it to be a surprise.

Krampus: (Sarcastically) Except: Paul, Betty, Jason, Jon, and Jenny. 

Hans: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Smartass. I get it.
Since we have a few hours left, I was wondering...

Krampus: So was I, when were you going to talk to me about getting revenge?

Hans: Well, I thought you'd never ask. The axe forgives, but the tree always remembers.

Krampus: I was locked away for 25 years in purgatory. I haven't been here since the 90's. Of course, I want revenge.
I need to be vindicated.
Who did it to me? Who sent me away? Was it the Queen?

Hans: It was...Queen Chamberlain and your brother. It was both of them.

Scene 2:
La Befana and the In-Between

Henry: Is anyone going to tell me what Jollyland is?
Emily: It's in the "in-between."
Henry: Between life and death?
Befana: Yes. It's one of the many places in the "in between."

Henry: I know all about the "in-between"
Emily: We know you do, Henry.
Henry: But I never heard of this one.

Befana: It used to be a part of hell. But then it turned into one of the most beautiful places in the "in-between" and quite the happiest.
Hence, its name.

Emily: It has everything you can dream of. It's also — A place for naughty kids to help them make them good again.

Henry: Like for redemption?
A one last chance sort-of-thing?

Befana: Correct.
The Queen loves kids. Too bad she could never have one of her own.

Henry: She would know where Justin is.
How do we contact her?

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