S3 Chapter 51: Battle Of Sisters! Bella VS Athena!!

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*A few days had passed since the battle between Bella VS Main and Bella was getting even stronger since then, Bella was still exhausted from the battle from a few days prior but she had completely recovered*

Bella: That battle.. it was the best battle i've ever had!!

*Bella sat alone in the Beypark as she began to clean off her equipment, memories of the journey flooded through her mind*

Bella: It's hard to believe its only been almost 2 months..

*Bella was still lost in her daydreams as she didn't notice Valt walking up to her, after about a few minutes, Bella finally realized Valt was standing by her*

Valt: How's it going Bella? It's been a while!

Bella: V-Valt!? What are you doing here?!

Valt: I watched the battle between you and Main, it really was an awesome battle.

Bella: Yeah it really was, i sure kicked that Supreme Lords tail!

Valt: That's basically the extent of why i'm here, i want to battle you now too.

Bella: Really now? You know i'll defeat you just like i defeated Main!

Valt: We'll see about that, i'm ready for you.

*The 2 bladers got set up at a nearby Stadium and the battle between the 2 was about to start, Bella stared at Valt as she held her bey on the launcher*

Bella: When i first battled Valt, i was not myself at all so this time, i get to battle Valt with my true and real strength.

Valt: I've been wanting to battle you again for some time now, show me what you're capable of now. I want to see the strength i saw at the battle the other day..

*The battle finally began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!!

*The beys were off and they raced around the stadium at full speed*

Valt: You know what to do Valkyrie! Hit them with Rush Shoot!!

*Perfect Valkyrie charged up the stadium at full speed as it came racing down the slope as Beherit was coming in hot too*

Bella: Obsidian Shoot! Don't hold back!!!

*The 2 beys clashed back and forth with intense clashes as their strength was rocking the stadium*

Bella: I'll knock you out of here!!

Valt: We're not backing down!!

*The 2 beys continued to clash with all their might as Valkyries Final Reboot driver began to activate*

Valt: Final Perfect Reboot! Go!!!

*Valkyrie started to speed up with full power as its speed was like a rocket*

Valt: This is it! Perfect Flash: V!!!

Bella: Counter it!!

*Beherit and Valkyrie clashed with all their might as sparks of Blue and Purple shot from the arena*

Valt: Valkyrie!!!

Valt: Valkyrie!!!

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