S3 Chapter 50: Ultimate Bonds! Bella VS Main!!

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*The score of the Bella VS Main exhibition match was now 2-0 and Bella was still in shock at what just happened, Beherits parts were laying on the floor behind Bella*

Bella: T-That's incredible..

*A slo-motion of the final moments of the battle was playing on the Jumbotron; Michael had shoved in Beherits burst stoppers using Supreme Sphere and it was burst from the damage that came back at it*


Rangara: He was able to burst Beherit just like that.. this guy is unbelievably strong!

Ikari: Yeah, it's scary how powerful Main actually is.

Lane: And that was just a small percentage of his power..

Rangara: Are you serious?!

Athena: Now that Main has changed and understood what it means to have a bond with his bey, he's going to use all of his power and throw it all at Bella at once. This is going to be a tough battle for Bella to fight.


*Bella went back and placed her bey back together and stared down at her Beherit as it started to glow again*

Bella: Beherit.. We may have lost the 1st battle but i can assure you, we're going to get even more serious in the next battle. Things are only just getting started!

*Beherit started to glow and it pulled Bella into the Avatar world*

Bella: Beherit..!

Beherit: Bella, what is your strategy for the next battle? We need a solid plan if we're to beat Main to dust!

Bella: It won't matter what strategy we use, we're going to fight with all we have! We'll show everyone the true nature of the Princess Of Darkness in this battle!!

Beherit: I see..

Bella: Just you watch, You and i are going to prevail and come out on top in this battle!!

Beherit: Can't argue with that. Let's do this thing!!

*The avatar world disappeared and Bellas eyes started to glow*

Bella: Main, we're ready for you!!

*Main just stared at her as his yellow eyes began to glow, his right eye emitting a yellow streak of energy*

Main: Bring it on then! We'll take whatever attack you've got!!

Referee: 2nd Battle!!

*The 2 bladers took their positions*

Bella: No matter what..

Main: whatever it takes..

Bella/Main: I'll be the one who comes out on top!!

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael had taken the center and Beherit was racing around the stadium at full speed*

Bella: Now go! Let's do this!!

*Beherit was racing in for the attack as Michael was in the center of the High Level*

Main: Not so fast!!

*Beherit clashes with Michael at full strength and sparks began to fly as the 2 beys were sent flying back*

Bella: Yes!!

Main: Michael!!

*Michael was able to recover as the Bearing tip of its driver began to spark; Bella was transported to a dark void as purple wings began to spread from her back*

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