S3 Chapter 49: Explosion! Dark And Light!!

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*It was the following day and training was getting intense, Main was still finishing repairs on Michael and Bella was training as hard as she could! The battle was rescheduled to the next day  instead so the 2 bladers could have enough time to train*

Bella: Main.. we're coming for you! We're going to blow you away!!

*Rangara and all the others were watching as Bella was training as hard as she possibly could*

Rangara: She looks intense.. is she alright?

Lane: She'll be fine.

Athena: The battle between me and Main has lit a fire under everyone, it's no wonder she's training so hard. I bet Main is doing the same thing right about now.

Ikari: It's amazing how far she's come.. i can't wait for the battle!

Athena: It'll be interesting to see after all this time.. how far she's come.

---A Little While Later---

*It was approaching noon and Bella saw Main getting ready on a road. He was preparing to do a 100 yard sprint*

Bella: Main..?

*Main immediately took off running and his sprint speed was absolutely incredible! He had reached the finish line in just 14 seconds*

Main: A... A new record..!!

Bella: A-Amazing..!

*Bella was in awe at the training Main was doing in order to get prepared for the battle the next day. Bella needed to step up her game if she was going to win*

Bella: Man.. i really have to step up if i am to win!

*Bella continued to watch Main and eventually, she left to continue her own training; she went to the Beypark and she trained at the stadium there*

Bella: I've battled Main so many times throughout this journey, it's hard to believe our biggest showdown yet is finally happening..

*Beherit spun in the stadium, its Burst Lock wings glowing brightly as its awakened driver propelled it forward even faster*

Bella: There were good and bad things along this journey but i'm so glad everything has worked out, i'm so excited for the battle later..!

*Beherit was picking up incredible speed, its avatar aura surging to life and the stadium erupts with a beam of darkness! Bella stared into the black, purple, gold and pink beam of energy as her aura began to glow*

Bella: Tomorrow is the day we embrace and reveal our True Princess Of Darkness persona, we're going to show the world the best battle in the history of Beyblade!

*Bellas aura began to grow even more as the burst of darkness was sucked back into Beherit and it was glowing with a dark aura*

Bella: Let's do this thing! Beherit!!!


*The sun was starting to set and the battle was going to start the following morning so Bella had plenty of time to kill. She was told to come to the Sparking Legend Tour Cruise Ship as there was a surprise waiting for her*

Bella: A surprise huh..? I wonder what it could be..

*Bella had eventually made it down to the cafeteria and confetti cannons popped and ribbons flew all over the place, it was a surprise feast before the battle*

Bella: W-What?!

Athena: Since your battle is tomorrow, i think it would be a better time than ever to eat. It's a surprise party for you too!

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